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Undergraduate Degrees

BBA in Accounting (Statesboro)
Accounting is the language of business. The accounting program at Georgia Southern University, separately accredited by the AACSB International, the international business and accounting accrediting organization, offers students general business knowledge, auditing, tax, law and other accounting-related curriculum options.

BBA in Economics (Statesboro & Armstrong)
This major is designed to give the student in business a broad knowledge of economics tools to provide a foundation for careers in business, economics, finance, or law.

BBA in Finance (Statesboro)
Study in this area develops familiarity with the institutions and instruments within our financial system and an understanding of the problems of financing business activity. The finance major includes the study of the techniques and tools for solving financial problems. The curriculum is flexible, exposing students to general areas of applied financial management.

BBA in Information Systems (Statesboro)
The Information Systems (IS) degree program combines knowledge of leading edge information technologies with an understanding of the ever-changing needs of today’s dynamic business environment. It attracts students who are interested in working with technology to find solutions to business problems.

BBA in Supply Chain Management with Emphasis in Logistics (Statesboro & Armstrong)
Transportation companies, industrial firms, and government agencies are all looking for qualified graduates with training in the field of logistics. The major in logistics and intermodal transportation prepares students by providing general knowledge of the field of business and supporting course work in the areas of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Internships are available and strongly recommended for qualified students. 

BBA in Supply Chain Management with Emphasis in Operations Management (OM) (Statesboro)
Students interested in supply chain management may choose to emphasize in operations management.

BBA in Management (Statesboro)
This major emphasizes the integrative nature of the management discipline in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling profit and non-profit organizations. The impacts of the international environment and of the social responsibilities of managers receive special attention across the broad range of management courses. 

BBA in Marketing (Statesboro)
Preparation in this area will provide the student with an awareness of the marketing problems confronting today’s business firms, some knowledge and experience in application of the tools and techniques of marketing problem solving, and a more detailed acquaintance with one or more specific areas of the marketing discipline. 

Last updated: 8/10/2020