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BBA in Accounting

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

Get an Accredited BBA in Accounting

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting focuses on building the student’s knowledge of general business, auditing, law, tax, and other accounting-related functions.

Accounting is the language of business. The accounting profession offers boundless opportunities for men and women to build exciting and rewarding careers. Technology is changing the way business is done, which means more new opportunities for accounting professionals as organizations of all sizes and structures struggle to harness the enormous potential of information and the technologies used to deliver that information. As America’s most trusted information professionals, accountants are uniquely situated to lead business into the 21st century.

Accounting assesses the bottom-line of all types of organizations and businesses. Accounting systems capture, summarize, and report financial information for use in charting an organization’s future. In short, accounting provides “big picture thinking” and an understanding of how financial data impacts every aspect of any organization.

Accounting as a Career

Accountants are among the most respected of all professionals. Using their analytical abilities, accountants turn financial information into long-range plans for their companies and clients.

Accountants are people-oriented and solve a variety of problems, which require them to get to know specific business needs and wants. Accountants are not limited to traditional accounting firms as many accounting graduates go on to pursue careers in law, law enforcement, politics, education, and government, such as with the FBI. Today’s constantly changing business environment provides a world of opportunities for accountants.

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Accounting Career Options

  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • FBI or CIA Agent
  • IRS Investigator
  • Tax Specialist
  • Managerial Accountant
  • Bank Examiner
  • Securities Broker

Our accounting graduates have successful careers with

  • Draffin & Tucker, LLP
  • Elliott Davis, LLC
  • Ernst & Young
  • Georgia Department of Audits
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
  • KPMG
  • Moore Stephens Tiller, LLC
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
  • Porter Keadle Moore, LLP
  • Walmart Global Internal Audit Services

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Internships help you better integrate academic knowledge with practical applications. Exposure to accounting practices and business environments can also help you decide which career path is right for you and help jump start your career before entering the workforce on a permanent basis.

Accounting students have recently been offered internships by

  • Aprio
  • BDO Seidmann
  • Bennett Thrasher
  • Cherry Bekaert
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon
  • Deloitte
  • Draffin & Tucker
  • Elliott Davis
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Grant Thornton
  • Gulfstream
  • Maudlin & Jenkins
  • Porter Keadle Moore
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • KPMG

1. Accounting majors must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required accounting courses in order to progress in the accounting program.

2. A student may repeat a maximum of two required accounting courses.

3. Students will not be allowed to repeat an accounting course more than twice.

4. A student who earns a grade of “D”, “F”, or “W” in a required accounting course and wishes to continue in the major must write a letter directed to the SOA Director requesting permission to continue in the accounting major. Students should submit the letter a minimum of three weeks prior to the anticipated date of reentry into an accounting course. Requests to repeat a course are considered by the School of Accountancy Undergraduate Student Affairs Committee on an individual basis and the student is notified in writing of the decision of the Committee. The committee will consider input from the student’s instructor(s) in making its decision and the submission of a letter requesting permission to retake the course constitutes permission for the committee to consult the instructor(s) for relevant information regarding the student’s performance in the course. If the approval is granted, the student may repeat the course at its next offering pending space availability.

5. Students given permission to repeat a required accounting course may be advised and/or required to complete a remedial study program to alleviate any areas of deficit identified by the student’s prior performance in the course. Denial of a request to repeat a required accounting course, or a third failure to successfully complete a course (grade of “D”, “F”, or “W”) will result in the dismissal of the student from the accounting program/major.

6. Dismissal from the accounting program does not affect the ability of the student to progress in the College or the University in another major.

7. Students who are dismissed from the accounting program because they cannot enroll in a required accounting course (due to #2, #3 or #5) may appeal the program dismissal to the Dean of the Parker College of Business or his/her delegate 53 (Appeals Officer). Students who wish to appeal their dismissal should write a letter to the Appeals Officer requesting permission to continue in the accounting major.

8. Credit from Other Sources – A student is to obtain written permission from the SOA Director prior to registration for academic credit at other institutions or by independent study and will not be allowed to complete academic credit at other institutions for a course previously attempted at Georgia Southern University except in rare and exceptional circumstances.

9. Strict adherence to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Code of Professional Conduct is required of all accounting students. Failure to comply with these professional standards will result in review and action by the School of Accountancy faculty and could result in the student’s dismissal from the accounting program.

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Last updated: 5/23/2023