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Pre-Business Students

Pre-Business/Accounting students should focus on two very important areas to successfully transition to the Accounting major: 1) Complete the mandatory “Pre-Business” requirements to begin the major in Accounting and 2) Finish the core curriculum in a timely manner so that you will complete the necessary prerequisites to begin courses in the Accounting major. After completion of the “Pre-Business” program, Accounting students should enroll in ACCT 3131 “Intermediate Accounting I” during the next semester. During your first two years, it is important that you complete courses such as ENGL 1101 “Composition I”, BUSA 1105 “Introduction to Business”, MATH 1111 “College Algebra”, and CISM 2530 “Advanced Business Applications”, to name a few, so that you will be ready for your first accounting course (ACCT 2101) during your sophomore year. Please use the links below to find more information on advising, suggested course schedules, and other important information.

Parker College of Business Student Services Center

BBA Students

Unlike many majors, Accounting is extremely detail-oriented and requires students to take the appropriate prerequisites for required courses in a timely fashion to graduate within a four-year time frame. Each upper-division accounting course builds upon the next section of courses required for the major. For example, ACCT 3131 “Intermediate Accounting I” is a prerequisite course for several other courses such as, ACCT 3132 “Intermediate Accounting II” and ACCT 4130 “Accounting Information Systems” to name a few. Advisement during your Junior and Senior years is critical to staying on track with your degree program. Should you sign up for an internship? Is pursuing your MAcc degree after undergrad essential to your career path? Advisement helps answer these types of questions along with utilizing the career services center.

MAcc Students

The MAcc degree can usually be completed in one year. Being advised early can help you remain on track to complete the degree in this short amount of time. The MAcc Program Director, as well as, the Accounting Advisor can assist you with progression towards graduation.

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Last updated: 11/14/2018