Fraud Examination Certificate

This certificate program consists of 12 semester hours (4 courses) of undergraduate education designed to prepare future fraud investigators. The curriculum encompasses fraud examination, white-collar crime, the criminal justice system, fraud-related legal issues, and forensic interviewing and interrogation. Graduates pursue careers as federal, state and local law enforcement officers, internal auditors, loss prevention specialists, corporate security specialists, private investigators, and fraud control specialists.


Admission to the undergraduate Fraud Examination certificate program is open to all students of any major or discipline enrolled at Georgia Southern University.  Students who wish to complete the certificate must declare their intentions to their Academic Advising Center.


The prerequisites for being enrolling in the undergraduate fraud examination course includes:

  • Junior status (60 semester hours of credit), and
  • Completion of Financial Accounting (ACCT 2101) for business majors, or
    Survey of Accounting (ACCT 2030) for non-business majors.


Course Descriptions



Last updated: 10/14/2016