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Office of Marketing & Media


The Office of Marketing & Media works to

  • elevate the College image by projecting consistent, quality messages and materials to our prospective students, parents, community, alumni and other audiences.
  • maximize the effectiveness of materials with consistent use of our brand attributes across audiences and platforms.
  • be fiscally responsible with advertising funds by ensuring that they are used in the most effective and efficient way.
  • ensure that the College is not sending out conflicting messages.
  • ensure that the College is adhering to copyright and trademark laws and best practices.
  • ensure that the College is utilizing media resources effectively and reaching the broadest audiences with news.
  • ensure that the College is represented properly and effectively in the social media environment.

Our Policies

In order to maintain a consistent and effective College image, marketing and promotional materials must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Media. Please be advised that all materials reaching an external audience, not to include Parker College of Business staff, faculty and students, must be coordinated and approved by the Office of Marketing & Media.

As a Georgia Southern Parker College of Business student/faculty/staff, your image maybe used in marketing material that does not necessarily identify you.

To review or download the Office of Marketing & Media’s policies, click here.

Request a Project

ProjectRequestFormButtonThe Office of Marketing & Media is available to provide all related marketing services to the College and its departments free of charge, however schools and departments have the ability to create their own materials. Those materials must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing & Media prior to production and/or dissemination.

Project requests to the Office of Marketing & Media must be sent to the director of Marketing & Media via email at least two (2) weeks prior to the date the completed/final project is needed. To make a project request, please complete the Project Request Form. Once a project is completed by the Office of Marketing & Media, the project contact will be notified to pick up the project within three (3) business days. Please take into consideration extra time that may be needed for University approval and/or Print Shop printing. Projects sent to the on-campus Print Shop will be charged to the requesting department’s speed chart number; please note rush deliveries may have an additional charge by the Print Shop. Per USG BOR requirements, one copy of a completed project must be given to the Office of Marketing & Media for archiving purposes.


The Office of Marketing & Media will print a maximum of 50 of the following items: flyers, brochures, recruitment materials, event programs, etc. Any project requiring more than 50 copies will be sent to the on-campus Print Shop with the requesting school’s or department’s speed chart number.

Plotter printing is a cost to the requesting school or department. The chart below specifies the pricing for most average poster prints; prices may vary depending on the size of poster needed.

Size (Inches) Cost/Poster
24×30 $20.00
24×36 $25.00
36×48 $40.00
72×36 $55.00

Last updated: 5/19/2020