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Taking Flight – October 2017

deanphotonewsletter2016Message From the Dean

Roy E. Disney once remarked, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” As the last member of the Disney family to hold an executive position in the company bearing his name, I suspect Mr. Disney knew quite a bit about hard decisions. On two occasions, Roy Disney resigned from the Walt Disney Company, risking his fortune and reputation, to lead efforts for change against two powerful CEOs and an entrenched bureaucratic establishment.

Here, in the College of Business, we often refer to our values. Indeed, our value statement is posted on our website and printed in many of our materials. It simply says this, “In pursuit of our vision and mission, we are guided by common values of continuous improvement, excellence, integrity, accountability, respect and sustainability.” Over the next few newsletters, I’m going to unpack these values and talk about them in detail, explaining what they mean and how they impact what we do. For now though, I want to start at the beginning and walk through the first phrase, and I want to think for just a moment about what it really means to be guided by common values. In terms of the hard decisions, like those referenced above, what effect do our values really have, and what do they mean for the day-to-day operations of our College?

Well, the first thing is that we will not take any shortcuts or cut any corners. The ends cannot justify the means. Rather, the ends are a reflection of the means. And so, we will always strive to do the right thing, and we will never rationalize doing the wrong thing, even if for the right reasons. Second, we will align our actions, initiatives and investments around our mission and focus. The importance of any particular program and the value of any particular commitment will be evaluated in relation to the mission and to our progress towards our vision. We won’t sail away from the mark or be distracted by momentary fads or infatuations. Finally, our key values are things that we will hold in common. In other words, we won’t debate, question or compromise on things like excellence, integrity or accountability. We will bring our best to the office every single day, and we’ll hold ourselves to the highest of standards before we apply those standards to others.

Personally, I am proud to be at a place where values come first, and where a shared set of common values drives our strategy and work. Having that firm foundation not only aids in decision making, it also binds us (faculty, staff, alumni, friends and students) together in the pursuit of a common purpose, the sustainable advancement of this College of Business and the Georgia Southern brand.


Alumni Spotlight – Zach Sines

Zach Sines (IS, 2008) has been a technical recruiter since he graduated. Originally, he sought a position as a developer, but, when he was unable to find a job in that area, he tried recruiting. Since then, he has built recruiting teams, trained dozens of recruiters, worked with hundreds of companies in Atlanta, and networked with thousands of people throughout the world. Zach worked for a variety of staffing agencies before deciding to move to the corporate side to learn more. Currently, he works as a talent acquisition specialist for Manhattan Associates, where he supports the growth of the company’s R&D and I.T. groups. Zach says he uses his degree every day—something not everyone can claim. The understanding of how companies are built and operate and how I.T. factors into them that he learned while at Georgia Southern have benefitted his career from day one and continues to do so even now. His favorite classes in operations management, database, web development, and systems design and development have proved valuable as well.

While a student, Zach was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and served as vice president of communications in 2006. He worked at the Henderson Library as a technical support technician from 2005 through graduation. He also worked for IS Software Design Group (ISSDG), an extension of the IS Department, as a web developer and project manager. His department wrote web applications for the University and installed the Alumni Tracker Database for the College of Business in 2007. They also worked on the Police Agency Database Network, the Neighborhood POS for U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and Intern Tracker Database to manage internships for any university.

The greatest challenge of Zach’s career is one that he must overcome every day: selling. He must sell to candidates, hiring managers, HR staff and his boss. Zach says his job is literally A. B. C. (always be closing). He also has to battle to keep his skills updated and to keep his career growing. He learned the hard way that he must always continue to learn and improve himself because learning is the most important part of his career. As his careers has progressed, Zach has discovered that the hard work he has put in and the learning he has done have paid off. He admonishes all Eagles to never take the easy money because they have not earned it.

Zach’s proudest accomplishment is the placement of a candidate who had been out of the workforce for three years. This particular candidate had left a director’s position to care for his brother who was experiencing mental health issues. When he was ready to return to the workforce, Zach reached out to him. After hearing the candidate’s story, Zach knew the candidate was a great fit for a role at one of Zach’s largest clients, but, having been out of the workforce for so long, it was a long-shot that he would be hired—especially since, for more than a year, every other company the candidate had applied to had passed on him. The client Zach had in mind was about to choose not to interview the candidate as well, but, when Zach told the managers the candidate’s story, they decided to grant the candidate a phone interview. Then, he was given an in-person interview. When Zach called to tell the candidate he was hired, the candidate cried and thanked Zach for ten minutes. Zach told him, “You got that job…. I just got you on the phone.” Zach says he will remember that call and that situation and story for the rest of his life. That, Zach says, is why he does his job every day and will continue to do it.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys building and refinishing furniture. In fact, he enjoys building from wood. He also enjoys foosball and ping pong. Zach serves as vice president of the board of directors of the Atlanta Drupal Users Groups and helps plan and execute one of the largest Drupal conferences in the southeast. Zach currently serves on the College of Business Young Alumni Board.

In the future, Zach wants to be in a position to keep growing his career, himself, and his skills and be happy doing it. To Zach, the title, company, and compensation are not important because life is too short to harp on such trivial things. Zach encourages anyone who is having trouble finding the right career, needs help with interviewing skills or résumé creation, or just wants some career advice in general to feel free to message him on LinkedIn. He always has time to speak with fellow alumni.

Second Annual Professional Development Day

The second annual Professional Development Day (PDD) was held on Tuesday, September 26, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. During the day, more than 70 sessions allowed students to develop their professional personas prior to the Eagle Expo Career Fair. Held each fall and spring, the Eagle Expo Career Fair is Georgia Southern’s largest on-campus career fair. Business classes were suspended, and students were expected to attend the PDD conference-like sessions. Session topics ranged from, “What is your IT Factor,” hosted by Equifax USIS, to “Steps to Successful Startup Business,” hosted by alumnus JT Marburger (MGNT, ’84), to Eagles on Wall Street and Business Abroad, hosted by College of Business faculty.

The Eagle Sales Showcase and Logistics Roundtable were held in conjunction with PDD, bringing sales and logistics professionals to campus solely for marketing/sales and logistics students, respectively.

Thanks to everyone who made PDD possible and a success; from our corporate business partners to our student volunteers to our faculty and staff, we thank you!

Become a Mentor to Our Business Students

The College of Business offers a mentor service to all Eagle Executives, that is, College of Business students and alumni. Through E-visor, mentors, aka alumni, advise students about career choices and give insights to the career path chosen by the student, critique résumés, and conduct mock job interviews. To become a mentor and build your future Eagle Executive network through E-visor, visit today and click on give advice. This is a free service the College provides to its students and alumni.

Georgia Southern Online MBA Named a Best Value Online MBA Degree recently released its Best Value Online MBA Degree Rankings, designed to help prospective students better evaluate important program factors like admissions, online education quality and cost. The 2018 edition compares accredited MBA degrees on these factors.

The AACSB-accredited Georgia Southern University online MBA ranked in the Top 50 for 2018 Best Value Online MBA Degrees. The curriculum requires 30 credit hours (10 courses) in general business study completed entirely online over the course of 21 months. Courses are asynchronous and can be accessed at any time. U.S. students are required to attend a two-day orientation in Atlanta at the beginning of the program. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for fall and spring entry. “Priced the same for in-state and out-of-state students makes the Georgia Southern online MBA a good value for all students,” states

“Prospective students today are looking for a high-quality online program, while they are also more mindful of the program cost and outcomes,” said Kristen Morris, editor at “After collecting and analyzing data on 167 online programs, this list of 80 of the best provides a fresh look at degree options that provide excellent value for students.” researched more than 200 programs and based its rankings on overall cost, admissions requirements, academic rank, faculty engagement, degree recognition and student success. In addition, prides itself on offering a thorough ranking methodology with a mission to help students find a program that will meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

To learn more about the Georgia Southern online MBA program, visit

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis please visit

College of Business Students Attend NMC Event

Earlier this month, Sydney Henry and Xavier Robertson traveled to Seattle, where they met with other college-aged students from across the country and representatives from Microsoft, Starbucks, and General Motors, among others, as part of the National Millennial Community (NMC). The visit to Seattle was a site visit, similar to the one held in Atlanta last year that was hosted by Georgia Southern.

Being part of the NMC allows our College of Business students the opportunity to help change the discussion around the millennial generation, offering insight and tips to CEOs and other dignitaries about who they are as a generation and what makes them tick.

“My trip to Seattle with the National Millennial Community was everything I thought it would be and so much more. This NMC trip exposed me to the bustle of corporate Seattle, and I acquired nuggets of wisdom from each professional environment. I will never forget the lessons or the people who encouraged me to pursue excellence,” stated Sydney Henry, senior logistics and information systems student and Georgia Southern NMC representative. She continued, “While the NMC trip was certainly a learning experience, I also established friendships with co-eds from Alaska, Hawaii and 16 other states. Like me, they brought cutting-edge ideas that will help to shape the future of industries and promote positive change in society. I am so grateful to the NMC for giving me the opportunity to witness the excitement expressed by industry executives as we shared our vision for a brighter tomorrow—one with Millennials leading the way.”

As our students continue to represent Georgia Southern in the NMC, they are gaining invaluable experience in networking and sharing their generation’s ideas with key influencers in government, media and business.

Ocean Exchange BIG Pitch Competition

The seventh annual Ocean Exchange featuring the BIG Pitch, sponsored by the Georgia Southern University College of Business and Business Innovation Group (BIG), was held October 8–10, 2017, in Savannah.

The winner of the 2017 BIG Pitch is Pipeguard Robotics. The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented the Pipeguard Robotics solution, which inspects water pipes from the inside, using innovations in sensor membranes and the soft body drone to find leaks long before they become catastrophic, with the objective to reduce the 20 percent of clean water production lost daily to leaks. As the winner of the BIG Pitch, the MIT Pipeguard Robotics team won the $10,000 cash award.

Following the BIG Pitch award announcement, Allen C. Amason, Ph.D. and dean of the Georgia Southern College of Business, commented, “It’s an elegant and practical solution to a vexing and widespread problem. I salute [the members of] Pipeguard Robotics for their innovation and their hard work; they are going to save their clients a lot of fresh water as well as a lot of money.” He continued, “I also salute the Ocean Exchange and all [of] the participants in this year’s event. We are happy to be involved.”

In addition to the winning grant recipient, seven additional collegiate innovators presented sustainable solutions to a distinguished group of conference guests representing business and industry, entrepreneurs, academia, government and NGOs. Schools represented in the final round were Arizona State, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Oregon State, Rutgers and University of Texas–Austin with solutions for precision agriculture, risk management for hydrology, waste heat to energy, water conservation in power generation, wind energy and energy storage.

About Ocean Exchange

Each year, the Ocean Exchange seeks innovative, proactive and globally scalable sustainable solutions with working prototypes and applications that can cross industries, economies and cultures, in a competitive process in which two $100,000 and one $10,000 awards are granted to early-stage companies.

About Business Innovation Group

The Business Innovation Group (BIG) at Georgia Southern University, located in downtown Statesboro, is the business outreach arm of the University and the College of Business, committed to developing a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for the southeast region. BIG provides resources for students and entrepreneurs to gain skills and training necessary to understand business principles, experience how businesses operate, and successfully launch new enterprises.

IANA Case Competition

The Intermodal Association of North America’s (IANA) seventh Intermodal EXPO Academic Challenge, held in Long Beach, California, during the weekend of September 16, 2017, saw five Georgia Southern University undergraduate logistics and intermodal transportation students participate. They were accompanied by Jerry Burke, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

During the case competition, the six teams, all IANA Scholarship Award recipients, responded to a case study challenge focused on mitigating congestion at marine terminals. A panel of IANA Board members evaluated the presentations and selected the winning university, the University of Maryland. Other teams competing alongside Georgia Southern University were SUNY Maritime College, the University of North Florida, the University of North Texas and the University of Wisconsin–Superior.

The presenting team from Georgia Southern consisted of Jonathan Templeton, Madeline Connor and Nick Abbadangelo. Also participating were Tyler Mezza and Emily Walker. These students shared the following as they presented slides from their trip to fellow students during Professional Development Day.

“The Intermodal Association of North America Expo and case competition was a valuable experience in which my team and I had the unique opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills to develop solutions for issues currently affecting the logistics industry. Along with the case competition, we were able to interface directly with professionals in the industry and learn about new and innovative technologies being developed and employed. Attending the IANA Expo was an overall amazing experience and great way to promote Georgia Southern and the logistics and intermodal program.” – Jonathan Templeton

“The Student Academic Challenge gave me the opportunity to learn valuable industry knowledge and apply classroom concepts to real world problems, and I gained skills in teamwork, time management, and professional development.”Tyler Mezza

“The logistics case competition and IANA Expo in Long Beach, California, was a great learning experience. Not only did I utilize problem solving skills, I also improved my dexterity of communication and networking skills.” – Emily Walker

“The six competing teams demonstrated a solid understanding of the supply chain, business decision-making and the application of technology to address industry realities,” said Joni Case, president and CEO of IANA.

Since the Scholarship Program started in 2007, IANA has awarded more than $1.8 million to support students in university programs focused on freight and intermodal transportation. These grants seek to progress the education of the intermodal freight transportation industry’s next generation of leaders and managers.

BMW Holds On-Campus Career Info Session

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, BMW Manufacturing representatives held an information session for current students seeking degrees in accounting, finance, supply chain management and logistics, among several others. During the presentation, they discussed the BMW cooperative education and internship program.

The information session, hosted by two co-ops working in the collegiate relations program at BMW, covered key topics for possible internships and co-ops in Spring 2018. As BMW team members, students participating in the co-op program work alongside full-time associates in order to drive BMW into the next 100 years.

“As an intern at BMW, I experienced an opportunity to build my network, along with my skills,” stated Rachel Yarbrough, a junior logistics student. “I was able to lead projects in a positive direction [and] learn about the trials along the way. The overall internship was an exciting learning experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone [who is] self-motivated, self-determined and self-driven.”

Totally Awesome, Totally 90s

This year’s Homecoming theme was Totally 90s. During Homecoming, events were held around campus to energize the student body for the Homecoming game.

The College of Business held its annual Homecoming Tailgate two hours before kick-off. To put a new and different spin on the tailgate, the College invited food trucks, Chorizo from Pooler, 4&20 Bakers of Statesboro, and Ben & Jerry’s from Savannah, to be part of this year’s tailgate.

To see more pictures from the Homecoming Tailgate, visit

Georgia Southern Named One of the Most Affordable Online MBA Programs in the Country

Georgia Southern University’s AACSB-accredited online MBA program has been recognized as one of the most affordable online MBA degree programs by

Georgia Southern was ranked No. 15 out of 50 programs considered. Best Colleges Online considered accreditation, tuition and other rankings and recognition when compiling the list of the top 50 most affordable online MBA programs.

“We are grateful to get this acknowledgement based on the price of the program,” said Gordon Smith, director of Graduate Business Programs for the College. “More notable is the value of the education our students receive because of the equality of the program, their peers and the faculty.”

A total of 255 accredited colleges and universities listed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Navigator offering online MBA programs were reviewed for the Best Colleges Online Most Affordable Degrees ranking. The programs considered in the ranking have graduate tuition and fees listed below $23,500.

Best Colleges Online’s mission is to simplify the college search process and to provide expert insights into the best accredited online universities across the United States.

To view the most affordable online MBA programs list in its entirety, visit To learn more about the Georgia Southern College of Business graduate programs, visit

Be a College of Business Hero

This year’s annual fundraising campaign focuses on being a hero for education, athletics and cultural opportunities for our students. By supporting students through Be A Hero, you are helping them realize their academic dreams. Your gift provides students with excellent opportunities to learn and grow.

Support College of Business students today by being a hero. No gift is too small because every bit helps. Visit to Be A Hero for a deserving business student.

Fraud Investigation Career Day

On Friday, September 29, 2017, the Georgia Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners (GACFE), in partnership with Georgia Southern University, Mercer University, Augusta University and Georgia State University, held the Fraud Investigations Career Day on Mercer University’s Atlanta campus to cross the threshold into the world of fraud investigations and examination.

During the Career Day, students learned personal branding and how to enhance their LinkedIn profiles for maximum employer exposure; asked questions to government and private sector panelists; learned how the GACFE can benefit their future careers; met federal, state and private employers about internships and careers; and participated in the Money Investigations Workshop with the FBI, Homeland Security and IRS.

Students Participate in the 3 Day Startup Global Roundup Conference

From Business Innovation Group

Georgia Southern graduate Tyler Fulwood participated in the 3 Day Startup (3DS) Global Roundup held in Austin, Texas, where  the aspiring  entrepreneurial  3DS community across six continents came together to network, hear speakers, attend workshops and information sessions, and engage in activities.

Conference participants included university students, 3DS program facilitators, organizers, panelists, and the general public, who capitalized on the opportunity to network with like-minded people, meet co-founders, make friends and take advantage of resources that may take startups to the next level.

Fulwood participated in the 3DS business idea development competition at the University earlier this year and says the experience made him want to attend the 3DS Global Roundup.

“Attending the conference was a very inspirational trip, and was the fuel I needed to launch my business this year,” said Fulwood. “One thing conference entrepreneurs had in common is they just did it. Fear holds so many people back from turning their dreams into reality. I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in 3DS. It is definitely a great stepping stone and you will gain so much from it.”

Conference speakers included dynamic young people like Cam Doody, co-founder of Bellhops, who was a college student with a business idea who now runs a thriving startup with more than $20 million in revenue earned.

Lunch was served over the three-day conference period, and, at each dining opportunity, attendees had the option to participate in virtual reality gaming stations. Options like these came as a nice surprise to participants. Two virtual reality games were ongoing, Tilt Brush (a 3D painting game) and Job Simulator (a virtual reality world where players game to cause chaos to a work place).

A team of coders for application development from Austin Coding Academy facilitated an app pitch competition. . The winner’s vision came to life when the code team built a functional draft version of the winning submission and featured it in a session during the conference.

Information sessions offered professional panelists who spoke on topics like finding product market fit, knowing what it costs to generate new customers, why founders should think about the culture of their startups, how to hire the right employees in an early stage company, how to have a conversation about equity with your cofounder, engineers turned entrepreneurs, when startups fail, equity crowdfunding and more. Considering the global connection and impact of 3DS, conference organizers provided an information session on immigration options for entrepreneurs working in the U.S. as a non-citizen. Here session topics ranged from obtaining a visa, hiring overseas employees on a visa, and expanding a business into overseas markets.

Workshops allowed for a hands-on approach to business accounting for startups and using it to impact growth. Other workshops included search engine optimization related to best outcomes for a business’s web presence, and 3DS program facilitators were presented with tips and best practices for delivery of an excellent 3DS program.

“Global Roundup was an amazing experience,” said Fulwood. “It was a weekend full of CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Participants affiliated with 3DS from all over the world are gathered together and instilled with knowledge and jewels from a professional variety of mentors and CEOs of startup companies.”

3DS is a proven entrepreneurship education program model that originated within the 3DS student organization at the University of Texas. The mission behind the 3DS program models is to unlock and activate entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds by defining a clear set of directions on how to get started.

Veterans Business Outreach Center offers Ongoing Assistance to Military Members

From Business Innovation Group

The Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) is a Small Business Administration (SBA)-funded resource available to service members, veterans, National Guard & Reserve members and military spouses with an interest in starting or expanding upon a small business. With over 20 locations across the United States, VBOC advisors provide entrepreneurial development assistance, mentoring and training in areas such as international trade, franchising, internet marketing and accounting.

In addition to personalized training and development, the Georgia VBOC attends, conducts and provides support for Boots to Business courses located at South Carolina and Georgia military installations. The Boots to Business program is a two-day seminar available to transitioning service members and their spouses from any branch of the military. During this program, service members learn the steps for evaluating business concepts, the foundational knowledge required to develop a business plan, and information on the resources available to help access start-up capital and technical assistance.

This month, VBOC will be participating as an exhibitor in the Annual Warrior Integration Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by America’s Warrior Partnership. This symposium serves as a source of empowerment and strength for Georgia’s veteran community. By unifying resources available to veterans, America’s Warrior Partnership creates a viable community for veterans where they live and work. Members of the VBOC team are thrilled for the opportunity to share their assistance and resources with veterans aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Additionally, VBOC Director Jeremy Horstman and Business Advisor Jeff Smith will be attending the National VBOC conference in Alexandria, Virginia. This conference is nested with the national Women’s Business Center (WBC) leadership conference and will focus on the strategic direction and synchronization of the VBOCs across the nation.

Our VBOC business for the month of September highlights Melody Vogt with Notable Solutions. Notable Solutions provides life coaching solutions to children struggling with issues affecting their physical and emotional wellbeing. Melody is a certified Adventures in Wisdom life coach and a licensed professional counselor offering services to children from the ages of six to twelve years in age. The purpose of Notable Solution’s life coaching is to address and improve issues including bullying, depression, self-esteem etc., discussed in a scheduled consultation with Melody. At this time, Notable Solutions services are available in Statesboro and surrounding counties. Due to the sensitive nature of life coaching sessions, face-to-face counseling appointments are required in order to maximize the benefit to the child.

Upcoming outreach events in October include participation in several Boots to Business courses in Georgia and South Carolina. For more information on VBOC services, events, or contact information for Notable Solutions, please call our office at 912-478-7781.

Small Business Development Center Teaches Businesses How to Grow

By Valerie Cote from Business Innovation Group

Are you working IN your business or ON your business? Many small business owners are so busy working in their business that they neglect to work on it and, as a result, struggle to grow. This fall, the Small Business Development Center will be holding its GrowSmart program in Savannah, Georgia. This program is designed to help business owners take their businesses to the next level.

The Grow Smart program focuses on getting results. The weekly sessions provide hands-on instruction to analyze and manage like a seasoned CEO. Participants will evaluate their businesses, competition and target markets, and go through step-by-step development of their companies’ strategies for growth. In addition, they will have the opportunity to interact with other business owners and share best practices. Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained insights into the latest ideas and timeless principles that have helped thousands of business owners build a foundation for growth.

GrowSmart takes place over five weeks and provides 35 hours of class instruction, covering all areas of business operation. The program dates and areas covered are provided below:

  • October 17: Planning for Growth
  • October 34: Market Research & Planning
  • October 31: Leadership & Management
  • November 7: Financial Analysis & Tools
  • November 14: Operations & Implementation

The price of the program is $895 and requires application acceptance (applications are reviewed to ensure competitive conflicts are minimized). Early bird discounts are available. For more information, please contact the Small Business Development Center at 912-651-3200 or via email at Applications for the class can be found at

Study Confirms Spaceport Camden an Economic Boon for Coastal Georgia

From Business Innovation Group

Camden County and the Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development (BBRED) at Georgia Southern University released an economic assessment of Spaceport Camden, which showed it will generate more than $22 million in annual economic activity for the area. This annual economic activity is in addition to the more than $9 million in economic activity that will be generated from construction activities at the spaceport in the first 15 months of operations. Most importantly, these estimates are based on Camden County’s employment figures in the Environmental Impact Statement currently under review and do not include the effect of employment and direct investment space companies may make in Camden.

“When we started the process, we knew we had something special,” said County Administrator Steve Howard. “Even the most conservative estimates of Spaceport Camden’s potential shows tens of millions of dollars in economic activity and more than 100 new jobs.”

While the report only studied the economic activity generated by Spaceport Camden’s filings with the FAA, significantly more revenue is possible as more space companies call Coastal Georgia home. In addition, BBRED’s economic analysis also foreshadows a massive uptick in tourism, one of Camden County’s largest economic sectors. According to the study, Camden’s tourism industry supported $90.32 million in economic activities and 777 jobs in 2015. Launches at other spaceports around the country see an influx of 10,000 to 15,000 visitors who stay for an average of two-to-three days for orbital and suborbital launches.

“Across the United States, rocket launches have become another opportunity to showcase the host community and are a good way to attract new visitors,” said Benjamin McKay, research specialist with BBRED. “This analysis illustrates that, by adding a spaceport in Camden County, existing industries also stand to benefit from these investments.”

Faculty/Staff News – IBB ONLY

Stan Suboleski has had two refereed publications this year, “The Effect of Tourists’ Destination Choice Attributes on Destination Image and Intention to Visit,” (Jang, D., Suboleski, S., & Lee, S.) in the Regional Industry Review and “Current Cuban Destination Travel Attributes, Perceptions, and Intent to Travel.” Congrats, Stan!

David Jiang and his co-author’s article, “More Than Meets the Eye: A Review and Future Directions for the Social Psychology of Socioemotional Wealth,” has been accepted by Family Business Review. The paper reviews 421 articles on socioemotional wealth (SEW) published across 25 journals during SEW research’s first decade of existence (2007–17) to make some rather interesting implications and suggestions for the microfoundations of family firms. Congratulations, David!

Jeff Schiman’s research paper, “Early Childhood Health Shocks and Adult Wellbeing: Evidence from Wartime Britain,” has been published in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) this month. The article is feature on the NBER website at Congrats, Jeff!

Last updated: 12/7/2023