BBA in Marketing

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in marketing involves a comprehensive study of the concepts, techniques, and tools for developing marketing strategies and programs. Students are prepared to help organizations decide which consumer groups to serve and which product
and services to produce, and to set appropriate levels of promotional effort, pricing, and other considerations in generating sales.

Major Courses

BUSA 3131 – Business Statistics MGNT 3430 – Operations Management
BUSA 3132 – Applied Stats & Optimization MKTG 3131 – Principles of Marketing
BUSA 4131 – Strategic Management MKTG 4131 – Marketing Research
CISM 4130 – Management Information Systems MKTG 4136 – International Marketing
FINC 3131 – Principles of Corporate Finance MKTG 4137 – Marketing Management
MGNT 3130 – Principles of Management 5 Additional MKTG Courses

Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising emphasis is designed to provide you with a broad knowledge of business and marketing while stressing the areas of fashion and retailing.

FMAD 3231 – Fashion Fundamentals MKTG 3135 – Principles of Retailing
FMAD 3232 – Principles of Merchandising MKTG 4132 – Retail Store Management

Retail Management

The Retail Management emphasis is designed to address retail specific issues as well as a consumer behavior in the marketplace.

MKTG 3135 – Principles of Retailing MKTG 4135 – Buyer Behavior
MKTG 4132 – Retail Store Management

Sales and Sales Management

The Sales and Sales Management emphasis serves the needs of students interested in sales and sales management as a potential career opportunity.

MKTG 3133 – Professional Selling MKTG 4133 – Sales Management
MKTG 3134 – Business Marketing

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