WMBA Course Descriptions

WMBA 1000  WebMBA Orientation:

The Georgia WebMBA Orientation focuses on team building, program requirements and information, and includes interaction with our program faculty, administrators, and graduates. Sessions include technology seminars, communication and team maintenance, personality assessments, and presentations by course leads for each WebMBA course. Students will work in their teams to create team contracts, have face-to-face time with their faculty, deans and administrators, and participate in a panel discussion comprised of current students and alumni. All students must successfully complete this mandatory orientation held in Atlanta prior to starting the first semester.



WMBA 6000  Human Behavior in Organizations:

This course provides an overview of existing theories and models of human behavior in organizations. Using readings, cases, discussion, and guest speakers, the course explains the importance of leadership, motivation, power and influence in organizational life. Special emphasis is placed on leadership for change.


WMBA 6010  Managerial Accounting:

A study of management accounting and control information. This course shows how to make pricing and product mix decisions, how to improve existing activities and processes, how to measure performance in decentralized operating units, and how to align organizational activities with long-term strategic objectives, both in a domestic and international setting.


WMBA 6030  Global and International Business:

This course presents fundamental considerations for managers of international trade operations. This course is designed to provide graduate level skills in the management functions of global strategic planning, international organizing, leading expatriates and diverse cultures, and controlling the global organization.


WMBA 6040  Managerial Decision Analysis:

This course is designed to expose students to the types of decision making situations they will face as managers. It will introduce students to advanced quantitative concepts and state-of-the-art techniques. By the end of the course, students will be expected to be able to analyze a problem statement, develop alternative solution procedures and select the one that most successful solutions to business problems require the ability to integrate concepts from non-quantitative fields with quantitative results.


WMBA 6050  Strategic Marketing:

A strategy planning approach to marketing management from conception and application perspectives. Focus is on the strategic decision-making process supported by self-analysis and external analysis. Legal, ethical, and international aspects are also considered.


WMBA 6060  Managerial Finance:

A study of financial risk and return, capital budgeting, valuation, capital structure, working capital management and current topics in financial management.


WMBA 6070  Entrepreneurship-New Venture Analysis:

A study of the business formation process which focuses on the creativity, risk-taking, and planning associated with new ventures. The course will provide information on the entrepreneurial process starting with idea generation, idea development, feasibility analysis, resource identification, and concluding with the development of a coherent business plan.


WMBA 6080  Management Information Systems:

This course focuses on information technology and systems from a general management perspective. Topics of discussion include the management of the systems development process, the organizational cycle of information, technology planning, evaluation, selection, and strategic uses of information technology.


WMBA 6100  Production Operations Management:

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the production/operations function within an organization. It will focus on the types of decisions to be made at various organizational levels and, where appropriate, on particular models and quantitative techniques that can be useful in making those decisions. Emphasis will be placed on how those decisions are interrelated and on their strategic implications for the firm. Finally, it will consider how the operations function fits in with other functional areas of the firm.


WMBA 6110  Business Strategy:

This course focuses on global strategic management and encourages the analysis and development of business strategies within a global environment.


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