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The Campus Experience

Our Savannah MBA is based on the premise that a program can be more than a collection of academic courses. That is where the Parker MBA Professional Enrichment Plan (Parker-PEP) comes in. Parker-PEP is our new extracurricular activity program that is designed to bring the real world into the classroom and take the classroom into the real world:


Through Parker-PEP, we partner with business and civic leaders to develop high impact experiential learning activities for our MBA students in four primary areas:

  • Self-Care (Maintaining work-life balance);
  • Career Planning (Formulating a career development plan);
  • Professional Development (creating an upskilling mindset; and
  • Community Service (Finding your area of service).

Certainly, other programs offer some of these resources. But one of the unique features of our enrichment plan is that most of the activities take place on campus during regular class time. We understand that you are already sacrificing a significant amount of your personal time to earn your MBA. Parker-PEP enables you to take advantage of high value-adding services, resources, and enrichment opportunities without having to give up even more personal time. Parker-PEP activities, typically guest speakers, workshops/seminars, and experiential activities are scheduled throughout our five-semester MBA program.

Last updated: 8/4/2020