Prerequisite coverage

Analyzes the behavior of firms, workers, and consumers in perfectly competitive and imperfectly competitive markets. Particular emphasis is placed on firm behavior and how it is affected by the characteristics of the market.  Marginal analysis and comparative statics.

Financial Accounting
The theory and application of accounting concepts for reporting financial information to outside users. The course stresses the relationship between the rules by which financial statements are prepared and the use of financial statement information for decision making.

A study of fundamental concepts, theories, tools of analysis and problems of managerial finance in business.  Emphasis on capital budgeting (time value of money).

Business Statistics
Concepts and techniques concerning exploratory data analysis, descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical inference methods including confidence interval and hypothesis testing, and an introduction of categorical data analysis. Application of these topics to  business, using both manual computations and statistical software.

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