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Online MBA FAQ

This FAQ page answers questions specifically related to our online MBA program.

Is the Georgia Southern MBA online program accredited?

Yes. The Georgia Southern online MBA program is accredited regionally by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and professionally by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which accredits leading business schools and their programs.

What is the tuition for the Georgia Southern online MBA program? Is it different for out-of-state students?

Tuition, fees, and other costs (orientation fee) can be found here.

Is the program accelerated? How long will it take to earn the MBA degree online?

Your work is accelerated, consisting of 10 courses/30 credit hours. Students complete coursework in less than two years. Students take two courses each semester for five consecutive semesters, including at least one summer term. No electives are required, and no concentrations are provided. A mandatory, non-credit orientation is held two days at the start of the program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Does the Online MBA program require prerequisite courses?

The Online MBA program does not require students to complete prerequisite courses. However, after students are admitted to the program and formally commit to enrolling, they will receive access to a complimentary tool called MBA Math that will help prepare them for the academic rigors of the program.

When will the next class begin?

Online fall cohorts begin with orientation in early August and spring cohorts in early January.

Can I transfer graduate course credits into the online MBA program?

Yes, but no more than six credit hours may be transferred with prior approval. The MBA Office determines whether specific courses are eligible to be transferred. Credit will be accepted before you enter the program. Only courses from AACSB-accredited schools will be considered. Courses must match our curriculum.

Will the Georgia HOPE Scholarship, Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), GI Bill, or other financial aid cover tuition costs?

The Hope Scholarship does not apply to the online MBA program. Other aid may be available. For example, the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for University System of Georgia employees is available to students in a limited capacity. Because this is part of a consortium program, there is a waitlist to use TAP benefits. Please email for more information about the TAP waitlist. The GI Bill may apply to students with military experience. Check with the Military Resource Center. All applicants should check with the Georgia Southern Financial Aid office for information about assistance.

How and when do I register for my classes?

The MBA Office registers all students for their classes each semester.  First semester registration typically occurs 1-2 weeks prior to Orientation.  After that, registration typically occurs 4-6 weeks prior to the next semester. Once registered, the MBA Office emails students at their Georgia Southern email address letting them know that they have been registered. The most common problem is registration holds.  We cannot register you if you have any type of hold on your account.  Examples include holds because of missing transcripts, outstanding financial obligations, parking fines, and judicial affairs holds.

How are the online program courses taught?

Students enrolled in the program use our online learning management system, Brightspace, which is powered by Desire2Learn for all work, including team functions, exams, discussion posts, cases, and simulations. Students also have access to academic resources, such as an online library and databases. Webware for conference calls and document sharing is also available. Courses are asynchronous. No face-to-face or class online meetings are required. Because we rely on learning teams, student teams typically decide when members will meet in real time.

Grades are typically based on reports, exams, assigned case studies and simulations, and participation in course and team activities. You may work anytime, anywhere you have access to the online courses. Our semester courses begin and end on specific dates, work is due as assigned, and learning teams, determine other activity and work deadlines. Typically, there are no required synchronous class sessions.

Will any on-site attendance be required? Are there proctored exams?

No visits are required for courses. There are no proctored exams. Students are required to attend a 2-day orientation held at the beginning of the program in Atlanta, GA.

How will I take exams?

Exams take place online, although faculty may give tests in other ways. Details are stated in each course syllabus.

What is the time commitment each week?

The time needed for these online courses usually equals that needed for on-campus MBA program courses. No travel time is required. Students report spending an average of 7-8 hours per week per course. Each semester in the program will last for 16 weeks.

What will my diploma look like? Will it mention that this is an online degree?

The degree and diploma are identical to that awarded to students who complete the program on campus. There is no mention of online or web on the diploma.

Federal law requires colleges and universities to make certain disclosures to prospective students of these programs.  These disclosures include information on the University’s authority to operate outside of Georgia, complaint processes, adverse actions, and refunds. For required disclosures in general with regard to online programs offered by the University, visit the Office of Legal Affairs website.

Last updated: 8/22/2023