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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Frequently Asked Questions content is organized as follows.  First, we answer general questions that apply to both our Savannah MBA program and our online MBA program. Next, we answer questions (in separate pages) about work experience and prerequisites.  Finally, we answer questions (in separate pages) that relate only to a single program.

General Questions

What are the admissions procedures?

The admissions process is described here.  If you are ready to apply, go to the graduate school website and complete the Graduate Admission Application. Note that there is an application fee due at submission. Two of the most important application requirements are as follows:

  • Work experience; and
  • Transcripts.

Your resume must provide evidence of sufficient professional work experience (two years for the Online MBA). We measure your work experience from the date you received your undergraduate degree.  However, we encourage non-traditional applicants who accumulated meaningful work experience prior to earning their undergraduate degree to contact the MBA Recruiter at

To enable us to make an application decision as soon as possible, we encourage you to submit unofficial test scores and transcripts. However, official transcripts (one per institution attended) must be submitted prior to enrolling. International students have additional requirements outlined below. Applicants admitted to the Savannah MBA program must send Certificate of Immunization Forms directly to the Office of Health Services which are available on the Georgia Southern Health Services webpage.

What are the application deadlines?

The deadlines for completed applications are as follows:

Savannah Program:
Fall Semester:  July 15 (Priority Deadline: March 1)

Online Program:
Fall Semester:  July 15
Spring Semester: November 15

International applicants are encouraged to apply at least a month before the stated deadline to ensure there is enough time to collect all the required application documents.

What are the admission procedures for international students?

International Students must submit TOEFL scores.  Click for general information on the TOEFL.  There are minimum score requirements for both the computer-based test and the paper-based test.  Finally, more information on International Graduate Admissions.

What happens after I complete all the application steps?

The Office of Graduate Admissions will send your complete application packet to the Parker College of Business MBA Office for review. We will evaluate your packet and make the admission recommendation, usually within 2-3 days.

Can I transfer graduate course credits into the MBA?

Yes, up to six credit hours may be transferred. The MBA Office determines whether specific courses are eligible for transfer. Only courses from AACSB-accredited schools will be considered. Courses must match our curriculum.

Do the Savannah or Online MBA require any prerequisite courses?

Neither the Savannah MBA nor Online MBA require students to complete prerequisite courses. However, after students are admitted to the program and formally commit to enrolling, they will receive access to a complimentary tool called MBA Math that will help prepare them for the academic rigors of the program.

How do I get advised?

The MBA program (both Savannah and online) is a lock-step program, meaning that cohorts of students progress through the program together taking a prescribed sequence of courses. Still, that doesn’t eliminate the need or importance of advising.  For example, each semester the MBA office will email you (using your official Georgia Southern email address) to confirm that you wish to be enrolled for the upcoming semester.  In addition, students enrolled in the Savannah MBA program have one elective in their curriculum.  We highly encourage those students to contact the MBA Office to discuss the optimal use of their elective. Finally, never drop or withdraw from a class before discussing the implications with someone in the MBA office. You may reach the MBA office at 912-478-5767 or  Of course, you are welcome to come by our office in the Armstrong Center (11935 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31419) to speak with an advisor in person.

How do I register for classes?

Assuming you have confirmed with us that you will be taking classes, the MBA Office will register you for your classes.

How do I drop a class or withdraw from the program?

Please contact the MBA office when you are thinking about dropping a class. Dropping a class may impact your Financial Aid as well as your schedule.  Recall, that the program is lock step. This means that courses are offered only once during the program. If you need to withdraw from all your registered courses, you must contact the Registrar’s Office at 912-478-5152 to complete a university withdrawal form. Again, always check with an MBA program advisor before withdrawing.

Can I switch between the Savannah and online?

For several reasons, switching between Savannah and online is not permitted.  First, because the online curriculum was designed by multiple University System of Georgia institutions, it is different from the Savannah curriculum which was designed solely by Georgia Southern.  Another complicating factor is that both programs use the cohort basis which means that students are a member of a team that stays together for the entire program. It is very disruptive to the team to be assigned a new member once the program starts. Finally, the program cost differs between Savannah and online.

May participating University of Georgia System employees receive a waiver of tuition when they enroll in the Georgia Southern MBA program?

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) pays base tuition which is a portion of total MBA tuition. Because the online program serves the needs of seven different University System of Georgia institutions, there is a waiting list.  For more information about the availability of TAP for the MBA program, please contact the MBA Recruiter at  The Savannah MBA has no such waiting list, so TAP participants are often encouraged to pursue the Savannah MBA program. For general information about TAP, please contact your campus TAP Administrator or visit the TAP website.

Does the MBA Program offer career counseling and placement services?

The Office of Career and Professional Development has assigned a career counselor to the Parker College of Business who works directly with Parker students. The office has all the services and resources you would expect. They will help you polish your resume, give you mock interviews, provide your resume to any employer searching for applicants with your qualifications and skillsets (which means you should keep your Career Services Handshake account up to date at all times), and provide you several opportunities to meet with employers face-to-face at its various Eagle Expos (job fairs).  You may contact Career Services at 912-478-5197 or visit the Career Services website. If you are in the Savannah program, you will also participate in several career planning and development extracurricular activities incorporated into the program.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis please visit

Last updated: 3/11/2022