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Applicants frequently ask, “What do I need (GMAT scores, GPA, experience, etc.) to be admitted?”  There is no single answer. At Georgia Southern, we consider each candidate with a comprehensive approach, and as part of a class we are trying to build.

One can think of it as a multi-stage process. In the first stage, we look at an applicant’s academic background, GMAT scores and sometimes work history to see if we believe they have the horsepower for graduate level business study. If not, then we may make recommendations to help an applicant’s chances of being successfully admitted in the future.  We may recommend some remedial actions to take before reapplication, but will not admit them, even provisionally. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often because people self-select out by not applying.  In the second step, we look for what that applicant brings to the classroom. We look again at academic background, their resume (work experience, outside involvement), essays, motivation and any prior contact with the office. If there are questions, we may seek additional information from the applicant.  Finally, we look at what the applicant brings to the class as a whole. Graduate business education happens best in a diverse environment. A rich mix of work/life experience, training, goals, etc. provide a valuable teaching and learning resource and each person’s potential contribution can only be assessed in light of the whole.

The decision-making process is not straightforward, but our goal is. We act on behalf of the program (faculty, staff, students, alumni) to put together a community of learners who will individually and collectively produce and receive a great graduate business experience.

Last updated: 10/10/2017

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