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The Georgia Southern Logistics Association (GSLA)

The Georgia Southern Logistics Association (GSLA) is a student-run organization that offers resources and experiences to help students who are interested in careers related to supply chain management — logistics, operations, supply management, and intermodal transportation. The GSLA works to foster an appreciation for logistics and supply chain management as a motivating force in industry and commerce. Through a focus on career development and networking with industry professionals, we are able to expand the reach of the Georgia Southern University logistics and supply chain management program as well as provide new and exciting opportunities for students and participating organizations.

The GSLA promotes and manages activities that help connect students with industry. For example, the GSLA routinely invites logistics and supply chain management professionals from various organizations to speak at monthly meetings and meet with aspiring students. This provides students with valuable networking opportunities, the ability to attend industry conferences, and the opportunity to tour facilities such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, IKEA, and Georgia Ports Authority. These sessions also offer participating organizations an opportunity to recruit potential job candidates and become more involved with the Georgia Southern University logistics and supply chain management program.

Additionally, the GSLA supports various undergraduate activities and gives financial aid to talented students. The GSLA supports our undergraduate program by providing travel funds and other support for national conferences, case competitions, and industry networking events. Also, the GSLA routinely offers scholarships and access to additional sponsored activities to promising students who distinguish themselves inside the classroom and around the campus.

What we offer:

  • Networking/ Resume Workshops/ LinkedIn Workshops
  • Free port tour of Georgia Ports Authority
  • Host nationwide manufacturing, 3PL, and transportation firms
  • Scholarships and other support for undergraduate students

Students – If you are interested in joining the GSLA, please click on the link below to complete the online application.

Organizations and Managers – We are very interested in hearing from organizations that wish to become more involved with Georgia Southern University, the logistics and supply chain management program, and the GSLA! If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email at

GSLA Membership Application and Social Media Links

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GSLA Officers and Student Ambassadors

John Eubanks (President)
(404)-455-0363 –

Hamza Abusaif (Vice President)
(912)-227-2301 –

Jeffrey Reeves (Vice President of Networking and Employer Relations)
(678)-476-5704 –

Marielle Anduyan (Vice President of Promotions)
(912)-481-7463 –

Abrom Scales (Vice President of Events)
(678)-908-0169 –

Morgan Settle (Vice President of Membership)
(678)-951-6041 –

Abigail Dominy (Vice President of Communications)
(770)-769-0944 –

Taylor Neloms (Vice President of Fundraising)
(770)-696-3538 –   

Shelby Bates (Treasurer)
(770)-296-4246 –

Last updated: 4/2/2021