BBA in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation (LIT)

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Logistics and Intermodal Transportation serves the needs of dynamic industry sectors, ensuring the availability of the right product, in the right quantity and the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, for the right customer, at the right cost. Intermodal transportation is combining the cost and/or service advantages of more than one mode of transportation in an efficient, seamless product movement. Basic LIT courses focus on logistics and transportation concepts and principles. Advanced courses focus on logistics operations, international logistics, and intermodal distribution issues.

Major Courses

BUSA 3131 – Business Statistics LOGT 4232 – International Logistics
BUSA 3132– Applied Stats and Optimization LOGT 4253 – Seminar in Intermodal Distribution
BUSA 4131 – Strategic Management MGNT 3130 – Principles of Management
FINC 3131 – Principles of Corporate Finance MGNT 3430 – Operations Management
LOGT 3231 – Principles of Transportation MKTG 3131 – Principles of Marketing
LOGT 3232 – Logistics & Supply Chain Management MKTG 3133 – Professional Selling
LOGT 4231 – LIT Operations 2 Additional LOGT Courses


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