Program Outcomes

B.B.A. in Finance

Georgia Southern Finance graduates are distinguished by their ability to:

Apply time value of money analysis to personal and corporate financial decision-making by:

SLO 1:       Describing the factors that are involved in time value of money calculations.
SLO 2:       Solving for each factor in time value of money calculations, for both single sums and annuities.
SLO 3:       Using the results of time value of money calculations to support financial decisions.

Given a business situation, conduct financial analysis and make recommendations based on the analysis results by:

SLO 4:       Using ratio analysis to make appropriate comparisons across firms and across time.
SLO 5:       Calculating and interpreting risk and return measures for various personal and commercial investment alternatives.
SLO 6:       Constructing ad hoc computer spreadsheets to solve financial business problems.

Last updated: 1/4/2018

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