John Hatem

Professor of Finance


  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1990
  • BS, Yale College, 1980

Area of Specialization

  • Finance


John J. Hatem is a professor of finance at Georgia Southern University. He requests that his students: Ask questions, read with comprehension, think, use their imagination, experiment, and do their own work.

Recently read publications include The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume II, Chapter 1. Electromagnetism; and Electromagnetics Explained, by Ron Schmitt.

Reflecting on:

Quotes from Richard Feynman:

“Curiosity… wondering what makes something do something and then to discover that if they try to get answers that they are related to each other, that things that make the wind, make the waves, and the motion of water, is like the motion of air, is like the motion of sand…Curiosity is the way we are, what we are…the truth is so remarkable…

When you ask why something happens, how does a person answer why something happens? …when you explain a why you have to be in some framework that you allow something to be true…telling you how difficult a why question is, you have to know what it is that you’re permitted to understand and allowed to be understood and known and what it is you’re not…the more I ask why, it gets interesting…the deeper a thing is, the more interesting…”

Office Location

Parker College of Business room 3347
Phone: (912) 478-0754


Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: 4/27/2020

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