Eagles on Wall Street Daily Journal 2017

Day 1:  Monday, May 8

Eagles on Wall Street 2017 took flight with 22 students on Monday!  This course brings together students all majoring in a business field which generally have similar career interests, but often very different backgrounds.  Many students have traveled extensively prior to the Eagles on Wall Street course, but several had never been on a plane prior to departure.  Everyone was excited for the week ahead and the adventures and experiences it would bring.

The week began by trekking up to Little Italy for dinner at Lombardi’s – “America’s First Pizzeria”.  After a carb-loaded meal which included crab pizza (not nearly as good as it sounded, apparently), everyone took the subway up to Times Square to visit “Top of the Rock”.  The three floors at the peak of the 30 Rock building (67th, 69th and 70th floors) provide spectacular 360o views of Manhattan and surrounding areas at sunset.  After visiting “Top of the Rock”, students had the evening free to explore Times Square or other parts of the city at their leisure.


Day 2:  Tuesday, May 9

The first day of visits kicked-off early with a visit to Bloomberg.  During the visit, students were given a tour of the Bloomberg offices which are open-concept (including executives and Mr. Bloomberg himself) and everyone loved the free food available in the numerous Bloomberg pantries.  Also, students were treated to hear from Sr. Bloomberg Economist, Rich Yamarone.  Mr. Yamarone spoke about his career, both the ups and downs.  He gave the students several tips to rely on as they progress through their professional lives which included, among others:  building a strong network, getting used to rejection, not burning bridges, working hard, knowing your weakness (not working too hard), and not being on your phone while waiting for interviews.  This last tip is extremely important because you are often being reviewed from the moment you walk in the door.  Also, Mr. Yamarone suggested cleaning up social media pages, etc., as much as possible.

Following their time at Bloomberg, a visit to JP Morgan Chase & Co was next on the schedule for EoWS 2017 students.  An all-star list of analysts and associates from a variety areas within the financial conglomerate including Chase Retail, Corporate Client Banking, Private Banking, and Global Treasury Management as well as a member of their Corporate Client Banking Development program comprised the panel.  Each member shared insights from their personal histories on how they first came to work for JP Morgan Chase & Co.  Interestingly enough, the paths varied considerably from working their way through the retail side (beginning as a teller or personal banker) to being selected right out of undergrad from a target school.  They also discussed the challenges they faced and of what a typical day might encompass which also varied a great deal depending upon the nature of the job and or department.  Furthermore, Mr. John Cho, Managing Director of Corporate Client Banking gave the students some parting thoughts about employment and interviewing.


Day 3:  Wednesday, May 10

Day 2 of Eagles on Wall Street began with breakfast at Willis Towers Watson.  Executive Vice President, Mr. Jack Jennings, who is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, hosted the students for the visit to WTW.  He discussed recruitment and employment process at Willis Towers Watson as well as the basics of insurance brokerage, its role in the financial system, and for business at-large.  Another member of the WTW organization joined the group as well discussing his experience as a new analyst.  Vice President, Mr. Dwight Williams spent much of his time focused on FINEX insurance products like D&O and E&O Insurance—critical components of any firm’s risk management protocol.  Also noted during the discussion was one aspect of the insurance industry, which is often overlooked, is [relative] employment stability.  Premiums are typically paid annually and despite the economic conditions, firms must maintain certain insurance coverages.  So, if job security is something valued highly, this may be a field to consider.

Following a great Willis Towers Watson visit, the students headed to Midtown Manhattan for a visit with UBS.  First things first—lunch!  UBS kindly provided the students with lunch in their Avenue of the Americas building with views of Radio City Music Hall out of the conference room windows.  Mr. Andrew Doggendorf (MKT, 2004) and Mr. Rod Eichler (XXX, 1989) hosted the students for this extensive visit.  Mr. Doggendorf and Mr. Eichler work in the equities and fixed income areas, respectively.  Both discussed their career treks to their current positions from their time at Georgia Southern.  Additionally, the students were given a tour of the fixed income trading floor and Mr. Dylan Roy, Head of North American Fixed Income and Currencies, stopped by to speak with the students for a few minutes.  However, Mr. Roy was the first of many other UBS speakers.  Mr. Rafael De la Fuente, Head of Latin America Economics and Strategy, discussed his role as an economist within UBS.  Further, two more recent additions to UBS spoke about their hiring and initial employment experiences as well as answered questions asked by the students.  Lastly, a representative from UBS recruitment spoke for a few minutes about the recruitment process and how important it is to rely on connections—especially alumni.

To cap a great day, Dean Amason hosted dinner for the students at The Bailey Pub and Brasserie in Lower Manhattan.  Mr. Jennings of Willis Towers Watson joined the students early in the evening and later Mr. Doggendorf and Mr. Eichler made it for dinner.  It was great evening with great food, better company, and a lot of laughs.  This gave the students an opportunity to connect more directly and informally with our alumni and friends who had been able to attend.


Day 4:  Thursday, May 11

Thursday kicked-off with a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  After completing a tour of the FRBNY and hearing about the structure of the Federal Reserve and the special role of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the students heard a presentation on Monetary Policy by a member of the FRBNY staff, who happened to be a Georgia native.  Unfortunately, the Gold Vault was closed this year because of customer business being completed at the time of the visit.

In the middle of a very busy Thursday, was lunch at The Palm.  Georgia Southern alumnus Blake McCollister (FINC, 2013) talked about his role in financial institution insurance underwriting over a fantastic meal!

The last visit of the day was probably the most highly anticipated visit of the week – the New York Stock Exchange.  This was the first time EoWS had been able to visit the NYSE.  EoWS students were able to observe the Closing Bell while KBR, who IPO’d that day, rang the bell.  Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank was onsite talking with MSNBC!  What a visit!!!  (Many thanks to Mr. John Ramos of Société Générale for arranging the visit.)

At the end-of-the-day, everyone boarded a nearly 100 year-old sailboat and departed for a two-hour evening cruise in New York Harbor.  As the sunset behind Lady Liberty, students enjoyed some down-time and socialized with one another aboard the 1929 Shearwater Classic Schooner.  From the Shearwater, students could view New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Manhattan and watch the city visually transform as day turned to night.  This is an annual inclusion in the itinerary and one of the social highlights of the week!


Day 5:  Friday, May 12

The last firm visit for EoWS 2017 was at Blackstone, a leading investment firm. Four of their private equity professionals shared their backgrounds and their career paths leading up to Blackstone. Additionally, they talked about the types of activities they are engaged in on a daily basis, including evaluating new deals, monitoring existing projects, and serving as mentors to new hires.

On Friday evening, everyone traveled north of Manhattan to the Bronx to attend a Yankees game.  It was a bit cool, especially compared to Southeast Georgia, but was it was a beautiful evening to experience the legendary Yankee Stadium.  The Yankees lost to the Houston Astros, but all-in-all, a great night!


Day 6:  Saturday, May 13

Despite some widespread and unexpected weather-related travel delays for many, the third installment of Eagles on Wall Street wrapped up on Saturday morning.  As many navigated flight changes over breakfast at Bill’s Bar & Burger, everyone reflected on a very busy week in New York.  Students enjoyed one last meal with new friends and relationships developed throughout their week together…laughing and comparing experiences and adventures and sharing what they hope their futures may hold.  Only time will tell what the future holds for each, but they will always have a special and unique experience they can only share with those who have participated in the Eagles on Wall Street Program.

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