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Faculty and Staff

Office of the Dean

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Amason, Allen C.   
Business 2254B478-2622
Haddad, Rita   
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Business 2254478-2622
Ressler, Rand   
Associate Dean
Business 2253C478-0086
Drake, Tara 
Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans
Business 2253478-5107
McKay, Britton  
Associate Dean
Business 2253D478-5582
Smith, Danielle 
Director, Experiential Learning & Corporate Relations
Business 3300B478-6047
Hilton, Debbie    
Events Coordinator
Business 2201478-5050
Stepanek, Peggy   
Budget Director
Business 2253E478-4445
Tanner, Alison   
Staff Assistant
Business 2254478-0587

Office of Development & Alumni Relations

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Grant, Robert
Business 2200A478-2277 
Williams, Marie
Administrative Assistant
Business 2200C478-5083
Osborne, Chris
Assistant Director
Business 2200D478-5377

IT Services

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Jones, Maleek
Customer Relationship Analyst
Business 1118478-0883

Office of Graduate Programs

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Mooney, J. Lowell   
Frazier, DeAndria   
Administrative Assistant
Armstrong 217344-3400
Woodbridge, Kevin   
MBA Recruiter
Armstrong 213344-3401
Tankersley, Benjamin
Program Coordinator
Armstrong 214344-3413

Office of Marketing & Media

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Donato, Mark   
Business 3356A478-7358
Rivera, Melanie   
Media Designer
Business 3356B478-8488
Waller, Carol Lott   
Publications Specialist
Business 3356478-5926

Student Services

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Maynard, Mandy   
Academic Advising Coordinator
Business 1101478-0085
Shipmon, Melanie   
Administrative Assistant
Business 1101478-0085
Burke, Reid   
Business 2219478-6054
Charnock, Mariah   
Business 1102A478-6049
Collins, Luv’Ashia   
Business 1101A478-0085
Gagnon, Sarah   
Business 1101J478-0085
Gribble, Lindsay,
Business 1101478-0085
Johnson, Aliyah   
Business 1101478-0085
Lovett, Shecora   
Business 2218D478-6300
Nichols, Brittany   
Business 1101C478-8574
Norwood, Katie   
 Business 1101H478-6008
Perez, Monica   
Business 1101G478-0515
Rainey, Jahmal   
Business 2218C478-5670
Roach, Mary,
Business 2218P478-0085
Vance, Kelly   
Business 1101F478-8575

Career Services

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Barrett, Rachael   
Administrative Specialist
Business 3336C478-0516

School of Accountancy

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Harter, Charles   
Acting Director
Business 2203A478-2284
Brown, Janice   
Administrative Assistant
Business 2203478-2228
Berecz, DonaldCEIT 3110478-0259
Buckhoff, ThomasBusiness 3301478-7142
Cairney, TimothyBusiness 1115478-7157
Dowis, BrianBusiness 1128478-3938
du Pon, AdamBusiness 2231478-3940
Evans, JustinBusiness 2220478-5914
Hairston, StephanieBusiness 2249478-5127
Harris, LainieBusiness 2211478-5272
Henderson, AnnCEIT 2104478-7292
Lamboy-Ruiz, MelvinBusiness 2230478-0104
Mooney, J. LowellBusiness 3300A478-5217
Mooney, PaulaBusiness 1110478-0227
Olliff,  EdieCEIT 3106478-1839
Pool, ScotBusiness 2203478-2228
Scheetz, AndreaBusiness 2250478-8661
Sipe, StephanieBusiness 1103478-1223
Sneathen, DwightBusiness 2223478-0167
Stewart, ErrolBusiness 2212478-8009
Stuart, Gloria J.Business 2227478-0404
Whatley, MalieceHawes Hall 208D344-3167
Wiggins, MichaelBusiness 1127478-7141

Department of Economics

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Saadatmand, Yassaman 
Hawes Hall 208B344-3202
Brown, Lavinia   
Administrative Assistant
Hawes Hall 208344-2539
Amponsah, WilliamBusiness 1112478-5086
Ardakani, OmidHawes Hall 208C344-3163
Barilla, TonyBusiness 3330478-0894
Beck, JasonHawes Hall 210B344-3485
Brock, GregBusiness 3322478-5579
Brunt, Chris
Shirly & Philip Solomons Endowed Chair of Economics
Business 2217478-8011
King, AmandaBusiness 3335478-0535
King, JohnBusiness 3324478-0388
McGrath, RichardHawes Hall 208J344-2626
Ogloblin, ConstantinBusiness 3321478-5375
Saenz-Ayala, MarianaBusiness 3328478-7561
Schiman, CuipingHawes Hall 208E344-2539
Schiman, JeffBusiness 3345478-2280
Toma, MichaelHawes Hall 212344-2538
Yang, BillBusiness 1108478-5727
Yanochik, MarkBusiness 3326478-5020

Department of Enterprise Systems & Analytics

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Au, Yoris  
Business 2202A478-5999
Simmons-Johnson, Bonita   
Administrative Assistant
Business 2202478-4747
Boakye, KwabenaBusiness 3341478-5799
Case, TomBusiness 3325A478-7463
Cuellar, MichaelBusiness 2222478-4060
Dixon, EdnaBusiness 2216478-4747
Dyer, JohnBusiness 1114478-5223
Gambill, AlexBusiness 3307478-5321
Gambill, TiffineyBusiness 2215478-5274
Kung, Hsiang-JuiBusiness 3320478-0258
Kung, LeeAnnBusiness 3348478-5617
Liu, JunBusiness 2225478-5085
Moss, JanetBusiness 2228478-1491
Moss, StevenBusiness 2221478-0757
Tabatabaei, ManouchehrBusiness 3302478-7425
Wang, XinfangBusiness 3317478-0523

Department of Finance

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Ruhland, Joseph 
Business 3310A478-0591
Cowart, Cara  
Administrative Assistant
Business 3310478-5216
Barkoulas, JohnBusiness 3331478-1838
Cox, DonBusiness 3306A478-5061
Eastman, KevinBusiness 2213478-0193
Grossmann, AxelBusiness 3323478-5512
Hatem, John J.Business 3347478-0754
Lee, AllissaBusiness 3339478-2563
Mangee, NicholasHawes Hall 208G344-3485
McPhail, Gin StarlingCEIT 3120478-1031
Pham, Duong "Katie"Business 2238478-6015
Wells, WilliamBusiness 1106478-5432
Zhang, RongRongBusiness 3333478-7219

Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Ellis, Scott
Business 3309A478-1498
Rene, Sarah   
Administrative Assistant
Business 3309478-1498
Burke, Gerard Business 2248478-1495
Ellis, AmieBusiness 1132478-7738
Ellis, ScottBusiness 3352478-3371
Hanna, MarkBusiness 3327478-5511
Hsu, KangBusiness 3353478-0348
Iyengar, DeepakBusiness 3343478-6019
Karamemis, GulverBusiness 3351478-0347
Mackelprang, Alan  
Director, Logistics & SCM Ph.D. Program
Business 3306B478-0379
Rossetti, ChristianBusiness 3349478-0756
Simons Jr., Jacob V.Business 3354478-0991
Wang, LinaBusiness 2210478-0481
Yenipazarli, ArdaBusiness 2224478-8010
Ph.D. Students   
Ahmed, IbtisaamaBusiness 1123478-1498
Dalwella Gurukandage, SenaliBusiness 1123478-1498
Lee, Seung-EunBusiness 1123478-1498
Liu, HiulingBusiness 1123478-1498
Madarasu, LakshmiBuisness 1123478-1498
Mishra, IritaBusiness 1123478-1498
Usman, HamedBusiness 1123478-1498

Department of Management

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Charlier, Steven   
Business 3355A478-5985
Martin, Rachel   
Administrative Assistant
Business 3355478-5161
Cruz, Kevin Business 3329478-0466
Galdino, Katia de MeloBusiness 1126478-7215
Grimes, JanBusiness 2240478-1556
Harkins, DavidBusiness 3344478-5577
Harris, JohnBusiness 3302478-5997
Marvil, CharlesBusiness 1125478-2259
Norton, WilliamBusiness 1130478-7723
Ross, DerrickBusiness 2247478-8012
Sikora, DavidBusiness 2214478-6975
Smith Rachel WilliamsonBusiness 3332478-0465
Sproul, CurtisBusiness 2245478-5310
Stewart, StevenBusiness 1109478-8594
Suboleski, StanleyBusiness 1105478-2548
Sun, XiaodiBusiness 3306 &
Hawes Hall 208F

Department of Marketing

NameOfficePhone (912)Email
Thomas, Michael   
Business 2204A478-5022
Hadden, Jeanette   
Administrative Assistant
Business 2204478-6625
Barney, Christian P.Business 3334478-5227
Brickey, D. TravisBusiness 2236478-5588
Dai, BoBusiness 2226478-3372
Eastman, JacquelineBusiness 3300A478-1870
Kim, Jin-WooBusiness 1131478-7564
Levine, LindsayBusiness 2209478-0513
Li, YuanBusiness 2243478-7479
Mullen, LindaBusiness 3316478-5437
Ruhland, KristenBusiness 2237478-1842
Shin, HyunjuBusiness 2246478-3941
Tamrakar, ChanchalBusiness 1129478-7467

Last updated: 7/8/2021