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TS410 SAP® Certification


The SAP® TS410 Certification is an industry certification, establishing the certification holder as an Associate Consultant in SAP S/4HANA Business Process Integration.  The Department of Enterprise Systems and Analytics is proud to offer this special opportunity to students as part of their academic program.

The SAP TS410 certification is ideal for students who want to:

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • Gain an industry-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek
  • Achieve industry-level knowledge of end-to-end business processes and integration
  • Seek a role as a functional leader in an enterprise
  • Seek a role as a business analyst/consultant with a consulting firm
  • Execute your role with confidence

Our graduates have had successful careers after receiving their SAP certification.  Examples of some of the companies who have hired students after SAP certification is long, but here are some familiar names:  Coca-cola; Home Depot; BMW; Apple; Capgemini; Textron Industries; Gulfstream; Georgia Pacific and many more!

Why Should I Seek SAP Certification?

We’ve described some of the benefits above, but no one can speak to these benefits better than those who chose this path and are now successful in their careers.  These alumni wanted to give back to our students by offering up their own testimonials on the value of our SAP program at Georgia Southern.  Please take a moment to watch this inspiring video.

How Do I Get Started? Do I Qualify?

Georgia Southern University Students

In order to qualify, you must have successfully completed a minimum of three (3) approved courses with SAP content (this means you must have departmental approval prior to registering for the SAP TS410 Review course (CISM4436.)) Successful completion also means you received a grade of “C” or better in each of these courses. Three of these approved SAP courses are listed below and appear in the sequence in which they are to be taken. (Substitutions for any of these course and any other exceptions require department approval.)

  • CISM3131- Management Information Systems
  • CISM3333- ERP Systems Using SAP
  • CISM4434- Enterprise Systems Configuration

Note:  If you are a business student, CISM3131 is a required course in your program.  Don’t hesitate to get started on the right path.  Register for CISM3131 as early in your program as possible!


The SAP University Alliances Recognition Award
Complete three SAP Approved Courses (with a “C” or better) and receive a Student Recognition Award from SAP University Alliances and Georgia Southern University. This is not the same as the SAP TS410 Certification.  However, this recognition award is a great addition to your resume!  It speaks volumes to industry professionals and recruiters, informing them that you have attained a significant level of knowledge in the areas of business processes and enterprise systems. 

Last updated: 3/29/2022