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The SAP Advantage at Georgia Southern


SAP Waldorf, GermanySAP AG is the largest software company headquartered in the EU (Waldorf, Germany) and is the third largest software enterprise in the world in terms of revenues. The company was founded in 1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung by five former IBM engineers.

SAP’s primary products focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which it helped to pioneer. ERP systems attempt to integrate several organizational data sources and processes into a unified system. The two key components of an ERP system are a common database and a modular software design. The common database allows every department in a company to store and retrieve information in real-time. An ERP modular software design enables a variety of programs to be added to improve the efficiency of the business.

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Ideally, ERP includes a single database that contains all data needed to support:

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financials
  • Projects
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Warehouse

What are SAP’s major products?
SAP’s main product is SAP ERP. SAP R/3, SAP ERP’s predecessor hints at its functionality: the “R” stands for real time, and the number 3 relates to a 3-tier architecture: database, application server and client (SAPgui).

SAP ERP is one of five major enterprise applications in SAP’s Business Suite. The other four applications are:

  • customer relationship management (CRM) – helps companies acquire and retain customers, gain deep marketing and customer insight, and align organization on customer-focused strategies
  • product lifecycle management (PLM) – helps manufacturers with a single source of all product-related information necessary for collaborating with business partners and supporting product lines
  • supply chain management (SCM) – helps companies enhance operational flexibility across global enterprises and provide real-time visibility for customers and suppliers
  • supplier relationship management (SRM) – customers can collaborate closely with suppliers and integrate sourcing processes with applications throughout the enterprise to enhance transparency and lower costs

Other major SAP product offerings include: the NetWeaver platform, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, Duet (joint offering with Microsoft), Performance Management solutions and RFID.

While its original products were typically used by Fortune 500 companies, SAP is now also actively targeting small and medium sized enterprises (SME) with

  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business All-in-One
  • SAP Business ByDesign

What is the SAP University Alliances (UA)?
The SAP University Alliances enables colleges and universities to access SAP products and solutions to use in their courses. This means that SAP UA institutions have the capability to enable students to gain hands-on experience with SAP products and solutions. This provides students with a realistic perspective on how SAP can help companies integrate their business processes. It also gives students skills to add immediate value to the marketplace.

SAP University Alliances member schools gain access to the SAP Business Suite family of solutions, including SAP ERP. This comprehensive business software suite enables students to put classroom theory into practice through demonstrations, exercises and problem-solving, case studies, and research investigations.

Through hands-on experience with SAP solutions, students at SAP UA schools gain insight into how SAP and other enterprise solutions can empower a business to optimize key processes such as accounting and controlling, human capital management, materials management, and sales and distribution.

Join the SAP Community Network!

TS410 SAP® Student Certification Academy


The SAP® TS410 Student Certification Academy is a two-week (10-Day) intensive, instructor-led training course offered by SAP America and Georgia Southern’s Department of Information Systems on the Georgia Southern campus.   On the last day of the course the SAP Certified Business Associate with SAP ERP 6.5 Exam (C_TERP10_65) will be administered.

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This education program is designed for students who want to expand their general knowledge of all SAP business processes. At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain the organizational structures used in each business process
  • Identify the key master data which must be maintained to execute each business process
  • Discuss the ERP transactions required to complete each business process cycle
  • Identify the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle

Do I Qualify?

Georgia Southern University Students
In order to qualify, you must have successfully completed a minimum of three (3) SAP University Alliances (UA) approved courses prior to the scheduled TS410 course for which you plan to register. Successful completion means you received a grade of “C” or better in each of these courses.


Non-Georgia Southern Students
In order to be eligible to register for a TS410 course at Georgia Southern University, you must meet the following requirements and provide the requested documentation:

  1. You must have been enrolled in a SAP University Alliances member program within the past twelve (12) months.
  2. You must provide an audit of all the SAP related courses you have taken along with a syllabus for each course.
  3. You must submit a letter of recommendation from the SAP University Alliances Faculty Coordinator at your member university/program where you are/were enrolled. (If you are unsure of who your faculty coordinator is, you can inquire within the department teaching SAP courses at your program.)

SAP University Alliance Faculty

Please contact our office to inquire.

Non-students, Employees
Currently the SAP TS410 course offered at Georgia Southern University is restricted to the SAP University Alliances community. If you are not enrolled as a student in a SAP University Alliances program, please consider the following options:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems
  • Online Graduate ERP Certificate Program

When, Where, and How Much?

When: May 11 – 22, 2020

Class is held Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with the certification exam given on the 10th day. 

Where:  Georgia Southern University’s College of Engineering and Information Technology
College of Engineering & ITOur Professional Development Center (PDC) is located on the 3rd floor of the College of Engineering and Information Technology and contains a computer lab, lecture rooms, break-out rooms and an executive lounge area for breaks and/or lunches. (Refrigerator and microwave are provided for those who would like to bring their lunch. Coffee, soft drinks and snacks is also provided.) Lunch breaks are from noon – 1:15 p.m. Dress code is casual.

How Much: $150 for students and $750.00 for non students.
The TS410 Course fee is $150 for students and $750.00 for non students and covers the cost of professional instruction and training materials. You may reserve your seat for an upcoming session by registering and paying  a deposit online. The deposit is non-refundable.

The Certification Exam fee is $290 per student and must be purchased during the first week of class directly from SAP America. Your instructor will help you with this and give you a unique test code during the first days of class.

Housing and Food Options:   Local hotel or Georgia Southern residence hall?
There are a variety of local hotels and restaurants within a few minutes of campus. During our May sessions all on-campus Eagle Dining Services will also be open: our new Dining Commons, Lakeside Cafe, Market Street Deli (located in our building), Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and more. The July/August session is between semesters, so some on-campus restaurants may be closed.

Southern Courtyard ApartmentsWe offer university housing at Centennial Place’s 4-bedroom apartments. The December session has no housing due to being held during the Christmas break. You may view the floor plan, photos, and virtual tour at the following link:

The cost for the 12-night stay is $320.00 per person. (Sunday afternoon arrival, Friday morning check-out. Pricing subject to change.) Although there are 4 bedrooms, only 2 guests stay in each apartment. Each guest has their own bathroom, but shares the living/dining area and the kitchen. Each apartment contains a washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, and microwave. One set of linens is provided: bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, full-size top and bottom sheets, pillow, pillow case, and blanket. The apartment does NOT have cooking or eating utensils, so you may bring your own or stop at Walmart or Dollar General to buy a few items once you arrive.

Guest internet service is available in the apartments, but works best with an ethernet cable because the WiFi has spotty coverage in this complex. Cable television service is available but there are NO TELEVISION SETS. So you may bring one, if you like. If you are interested in reserving a room, please complete the Georgia Southern Housing portion of the TS410 registration form.

The Path to Certification

sap-ua-awardThe SAP University Alliances Recognition Award
Complete at least of three SAP UA Approved Courses and receive a Student Recognition Award from SAP University Alliances and Georgia Southern University. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have gained foundational SAP knowledge through a minimum of two years prior work experience are not required to receive the SAP UA Recognition Award prior to taking the TS410 course.

sap-certified-125Associate Certification
Successful completion of the 9-day TS410 course plus the TS410 Exam will earn you a SAP Business Associate Certification that covers the fundamental knowledge requirements for a consultant, or project team member ensuring the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills. With an associate-level certification, you can:

» Gain an externally-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek
» Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace
» Execute your tasks with confidence and skill

Professional Certification (not offered at Georgia Southern)
This advanced industry certification requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions. With a professional-level certification, you can:

» Demonstrate both your experience and your expertise through a rigorous testing process
» Promote a more globally applicable accreditation with higher billable rates
» Lead as well as execute tasks and engagements

Master Certification (in development, will not be offered at Georgia Southern)
This industry certification will involve demonstrating an expert-level understanding of a specific area of SAP software and the ability to drive innovation and solution optimization through in-depth knowledge and vision. Certification at this level requires broad project experience, comprehensive SAP product knowledge, and the ability to create a future IT vision within complex project environments. With master-level certification, you can:

» Secure your place in an exclusive community of visionary experts
» Pass a peer-reviewed, comprehensive admissions process
» Define and guide long term strategy
» Participate in master-level briefings, colloquiums, and industry events

TS410 Course Content

Prerequisites: Typically, each student must successfully complete three of the universities SAP UA Approved Courses to be eligible to register for the TS410.  Juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have gained foundational SAP knowledge through a minimum of two years prior work experience may also register for this course.

Through instructor presentations, system demonstrations, hands-on exercises and quizzes, students will be introduced to:

» The basic structures; organizations, master data, etc. used throughout SAP ERP
» NetWeaver as a technology infrastructure supporting ERP business processes
» NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) as a reporting and analysis tool

Students will also learn the basic businesses process used in:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Human Capital Management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Planning
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Lifecycle Data Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Strategic Enterprise Management

NOTE: This course addresses the basic processes of ERP. Detailed explanation of each business process, examination of alternative process steps, and customizing is covered in advanced courses associated with each process area.

Possible Course Credit: Students who wish to have participation in this course reflected on their transcript can enroll in CISM 4830 or CISM 7339 – ERP Certification (TS410). This is a three credit-hour course with a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scheme that will have no impact on your GPA. It is not necessary to pass the certification exam to earn a grade of satisfactory. This course may be used to satisfy IS major, minor, or MBA-IS Emphasis requirements, however, choosing this option does not exempt the student from the $750 TS410 instructional fee and the $290 certification exam fee.

Certification Exam Information

SAP Certified Business Associate with SAP ERP 6.5
Exam Code: C_TERP10_65
This certification test verifies knowledge in the area of Business Processes Foundation. This certificate builds on the basic knowledge gained by generic Business Processes Foundation Consultant skills. The exam contains 80 questions and will last 180 minutes.

The following list identifies the competency areas covered in the exam. The percentage indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area:

Competency Importance Topic
Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solution and processes in …
– Financial Accounting- Management Accounting- Procurement Cycle- Sales Order Management
Articulate, explain, describe and outline solutions and processes in …
– ERP Basic Organizational  structures and master data- Basics of NetWeaver- Key processes in Manufacturing Execution- Lifecycle Data Management- Inventory & Warehouse  Management- Material Planning & Integration- Enterprise Asset Management- Program & Project Management- Human Capital Management- Business Information Warehouse

asugAmericas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG®)

SAP@Georgia Southern Students volunteer to assist with meeting logistics at quarterly ASUG Georgia Chapter meetings. The meetings are normally hosted by businesses like The Coca-Cola Company or Newell Rubbermaid in the Atlanta area. Student volunteers help with set-up, registration, and directing attendees to educational break-out sessions. This is an excellent opportunity for IS Majors and IS Minors to network with representatives from SAP user companies.


About ASUG

Who are ASUG members: As a community of like-minded SAP professionals, ASUG members are engaged in helping each other find new and better ways to solve problems and achieve their business goals.

The ASUG Story
The Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) got its start in the very early 1990’s when a group of long-time SAP customers were compelled to get together and to share their experiences and learn from each other about their use of SAP. One day in late 1991, they decided to launch a user group. We weren’t very sophisticated back then – we had no website, no e-mail … The one thing we did have was a shared passion for SAP, so everything clicked. From our origins connecting users face-to-face in small meetings, we have expanded into a year round community, with thousands of opportunities for members to share their stories with each other. Over ASUG’s 25 year history of connecting SAP customers and partners with each other, it’s become an ongoing cycle of shared experience that continues to create real advantage for the entire SAP community. And, it’s our job to not only make those connections possible, but to make them interesting and fun and to ensure that everyone gains an advantage from the exchange.

Getting hired as a new graduate
Are you about to graduate from college or graduate school? Did you graduate in the past year? ASUG is looking for new grads. If you have limited or no on-the-job experience–but a sharp intellect, a top-notch educational background, and the energy to move the industry forward–ASUG would like to talk to you. Email them at

ASUG chapters, students join free
An ASUG chapter is a community of SAP professionals in close geographical proximity. Thirty-nine geographical locations throughout the United States and Canada are represented by ASUG Chapters. ASUG Chapters provide members access to convenient face-to-face education and networking. All ASUG Chapters meetings are included in ASUG membership benefits at no extra cost. Get involved in our University Alliances SAP community.


SAP UA Student Recognition Awards


Request YOUR Award …
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Georgia Southern students who complete a minimum of 3 SAP-approved courses are eligible to receive a SAP University Alliances Student Recognition Award (formerly known as the SAP Certificate) signed by the SAP University Alliances (UA) Program Manager and the Department Chair of Information Systems. IS Majors in the Enterprise Resources Planning Emphasis typically receive this award. The SAP UA Student Recognition Award (SSRA) can also be earned by Georgia Southern students who minor in Information Systems. The IS Minor (and SSRA) enhances career options for students interested in working for businesses that use SAP software. Students majoring in accounting, finance, human resource management, operations management, or logistics are especially likely to benefit from an IS Minor and SAP UA Student Recognition Award.

Students who earn the Recognition Award satisfy the education requirements to enter SAP´s TS410 certification process.


What are the requirements for a SAP UA Recognition Award at Georgia Southern?
Students can earn a SAP UA Recognition Award by completing three SAP UA-approved courses. To be approved by SAP UA, at least 30% of the course must involve hands-on experience with a SAP software product.

Currently, the Department of Information Systems offers the following SAP UA-approved undergraduate courses

  • CISM 3333 – ERP Systems Using SAP
  • CISM 4237 – Decision Support Systems/Business Intelligence
  • CISM 4239 – Advanced Business Analytics with SAP HANA
  • CISM/MGNT 4333 – Human Resource Information Systems
  • CISM 4335 – ABAP Programming for SAP ERP
  • CISM 4336 – ERP and Enterprise Performance
  • CISM 4434 – Enterprise System Configuration
  • CISM 4435 – ERP Web Portal Customization with SAP Netweaver
  • CISM 4436 – SAP TS410 Review
  • CISM 4830 – SAP Mobile Applications (this is a temporary course number)
  • CISM 4830 – Advanced Business Analytics with SAP HANA (this is a temporary course number)

Why would I want a SAP UA Recognition Award?
SAP uses the phrase “The best run companies run SAP” as a selling point. The truth underlying this phrase has resulted in SAP becoming the world’s largest business software company in terms of revenue’s. SAP is currently used by more than 35,000 companies and with new products targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), SAP’s customer base will eclipse 100,000 companies by 2010.

This rapid growth has resulted in a shortage of SAP talent in the marketplace. Industry experts currently estimate a SAP talent shortage of 30,000 to 40,000 and The Gartner Group predicts that more than new 400,000 SAP-skilled employees will be needed by SAP user organizations in the very near future.

Georgia Southern University’s SAP Student Recognition Award signifies that you have completed at least three SAP-approved courses that include significant hands-on experience with SAP. A minimum of 30% of each SAP-approved course is devoted to in-depth exposure to SAP. This translates into developing skill sets that can give you a competitive advantage in the job market – including multiple career options in business and IT, more managerial opportunities, and higher salaries. Because individuals with SAP skills are highly sought after, they receive pay increases that outpace the market.

Students who earn a SAP UA Recognition Award have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with mySAP ERP navigation and SAP ERP’s Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Materials Management (MM), and Sales & Distribution (SD) modules. They also have the opportunity to apply NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) to mine data in a SAP data warehouse (DW) that they created and/or to use SAP ERP’s Human Capital Management (HCM) module to set up and maintain organizational structures, personnel data, hiring processes, incentive wage and benefit structures, and payroll processes. Technically inclined students can also learn how to customize and extend SAP’s considerable capabilities using ABAP Workbench and the ABAP programming language.

Universities that enable undergraduate students to gain comparable levels of hands-on SAP experience are few and far between. This means that Georgia Southern’s SAP UA Recognition Award has value and can give you a leg up when applying for jobs at SAP user organizations.

Georgia Southern University’s SAP University Alliances Recognition Award is being ‘found’ by more and more major corporations. Since 2007, BMW, Georgia Pacific, and Under Armour have come to campus to recruit SAP Recognition Award seeking students for internships, co-ops, and permanent employment. Georgia Southern students have also completed SAP internships at IBM, JCB, Coca-Cola, Textron and Scansource.

Who can earn a SAP UA Recognition Award?
Since it is only necessary to complete three SAP UA-Approved courses to earn a recognition award, one is within reach of both IS majors and IS minors.

IS majors who want to graduate with this award typically choose to complete the Enterprise Resources Planning Emphasis.

IS minors who are majoring in Accounting, Logistics, Finance, Management–Operations Management Emphasis or Management–Human Resource Management Emphasis often choose to earn a SAP UA Recognition Award in order to increase their chances of landing a job with SAP user organizations. IS minors who want a SAP UA Recognition Award typically take CISM 3333 – ERP Systems Using SAP, CISM 4237 – Decision Support Systems/Business Intelligence, and CISM 4434 – Enterprise System Configuration.

Post-baccalaureate students can earn this award also by completing the requirements for an IS minor.

How can graduate students earn a SAP UA Recognition Award?
The Department of Information Systems offers the following graduate courses that includes hands-on experience with SAP and hopes to incorporate SAP into more graduate courses in the future.

  • CISM 7231 – ERP Business Process Analysis using SAP
  • CISM 7235 – ERP Customizations for SAP
  • CISM 7331 – Enterprise System Analysis and Configuration
  • CISM 7335 – Business Intelligence & Performance Management Systems
  • CISM 7336 – Enterprise Information Systems
  • CISM 7339 – ERP Certification (TS410)

These can be used to fulfill the requirements for the MBA IS Concentration, the Masters of Accounting, or the Master of Technology with IT Emphasis degrees. They are also accessible to non-degree graduate students.

Both degree seeking and non-degree graduate students may take SAP-approved undergraduate courses to earn a SAP Recognition Award.

SAP University Alliances Approved Courses

Georgia Southern University partners with SAP’s University Alliances (UA) to allow students to use and understand SAP products. Our faculty members have been educated at SAP and UA training centers throughout North America and are continually upgrading their skills.

Undergraduate Courses:

CISM 4237 – Business Intelligence:
This course covers data warehouse architecture (ETL processes, data transformation, metadata), as well as data mining, operational analytics, and decision support systems. Other topics include an introduction to decision analysis and decision making theory. Special emphasis is given to mastering SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence.

CISM 4239 – Advanced Business Analytics with SAP HANA :
This course covers advanced practices and concepts in the areas of business intelligence and business analytics. The course will emphasize more the data foundation required to support business intelligence and business analytics, rather than associated applications. Special emphasis will be given to the SAP HANA big data platform

CISM 4333/MGNT 4333 – Human Resources Information Systems:
Students use SAP ERP HR to set up and maintain organizational structures, personnel data, hiring processes, incentive wages, payroll processes, benefits, and HR reporting processes. Students also learn how mySAP ERP HCM E-Recruiting, ESS, LSO, and Enterprise Portal combine to support enterprise-wide talent management solutions, support organizational strategy, improve efficiency and flexibility, and increase productivity and performance.

CISM 3333 – ERP Systems Using SAP®:
Students learn SAP ERP and mySAP ERP navigation and complete lab assignments that expose them to all SAP ERP modules.

CISM 4335 – ABAP Programming for SAP®:
A course that provides an overview of the ABAP programming language. Students use ABAP Workbench and OO programming to access database tables, design input screen selections, and generate output list reports.

CISM 4336 – ERP and Enterprise Performance:
A course that provides an overview of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems and their impact on organizations. Organizational interest in integrated enterprise information systems and the factors that drive businesses to select and implement these solutions are addressed.

CISM 4434 – Enterprise System Configuration:
This course focuses on customizing SAP ERP for a trading company. Students setup Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Materials Management (MM), and Sales & Distribution (SD) modules to accommodate the trading company’s structure, business processes, and master data. They learn to implement SAP from the ground up and test the configured system with transactions.

CISM 4435 – ERP Web Portal Customization and Collaboration using SAP NetWeaver:
Introduction to the foundations of the NetWeaver platform and how business processes are supported by SAP Web Portals and on mobile devices.

CISM 4436 – SAP TS410 Review:
This is a preparation course for the TS410 SAP Academy Certification. Recommended for students who have completed 2 or more SAP University Alliance approved courses toward earning their SAP UA Student Recognition Award

CISM 4830 – NEW Special Topics Courses::

– SAP Mobile Applications

– Advanced Business Analytics with SAP HANA

(Individual course numbers will be assigned in the near future.)

Graduate Courses:

CISM 7231 – ERP Business Process Analysis using SAP:
Many business organizations have adopted enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP, to provide a platform for supporting and integrating core business processes such as accounting and finance, procurement, production planning, material management, and sales and distribution. This course focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and utilizes SAP to illustrate how ERP systems are employed in business organizations to support business processes. At the end of the course, students will have an overview of ERP characteristics, components and benefits; they will be familiar with the SAP graphical user interface (GUI) and navigation.

CISM 7235 – ERP Customizations for SAP:
This course focuses on how and why ERP systems are customized to extend their support business processes and employs SAP customization tools to illustrate key course concepts. The characteristics and benefits of enterprise portals are examined along with the tools and processes used to implement and measure their success.

CISM 7331 – Enterprise Systems Analysis:
This course emphasizes the methods, techniques, and tools of analyzing and designing an enterprise information system. Topics include design methodologies, data collection and analysis techniques, and design tools. Students will analyze problems of the current enterprise system, propose alternatives to resolve the problems, and implement their design to change/replace the current system. The implementation will be supported by modern enterprise resource planning tools: such as SAP R/3.

CISM 7335 – Business Intelligence and Performance Management Systems:
This courses focuses on the process of decision making, decision support systems, data warehousing, extraction, transformation and load (ETL) processes, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), enterprise performance management systems, and data mining. A number of software products from SAP are featured in this course, as well as software from other vendors.

CISM 7336 – Enterprise Information Systems:
Many organizations use large enterprise information systems, such as SAP, as the core of the financial, human resource, logistics, and manufacturing information systems. This course focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using SAP, along with Enterprise Architecture and other methods to implement an enterprise information solution. Special topics include managing SAP projects successfully.

CISM 7339 – ERP Certification (TS410):
This course focuses the integration of business processes within SAP and prepares students for SAP’s C_TERP10_60 certification exam. It serves as a capstone course for the ERP Certificate program and components of other graduate programs that include multiple courses that expose students to SAP.

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