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Experiential Learning & Student Engagement

How else can you enhance the value of your Parker College of Business degree? What else can you do to create a competitive advantage over other business graduates?

Through our Experiential Learning & Student Engagement programs, Georgia Southern University’s Parker College of Business graduates are ready to meet the unique challenge of pursuing a business career in the globally-diverse environment of the 21st Century.

Preparing for a career is about more than completing the minimum requirements for graduation. It’s about building a résumé, making connections that matter, and ensuring you are creating opportunities for yourself after college. Take your learning beyond the classroom, cultivate your abilities and build a competitive foundation for the career field of your choice.

Use our milestones and opportunities listed below to improve your employment readiness, competitiveness and professionalism. 

Combine your classroom education with practical work experience in your chosen field of study. Acquire valuable skills under the guidance of career professionals and broaden your employment background, all while earning academic credit. Learn more about the Internship Program.
Studying Abroad
Prepare for the global environment of a contemporary business career by earning academic credit abroad during either a summer/break or full semester. Build a new level of expertise that puts you ahead of other graduates by gaining international perspectives that impact your chosen career field.  Emphasis is on visiting foreign companies, multinational corporations, and U.S. citizens working abroad. Choose from either:
Professional Development
Polish off that résumé, craft a memorable introduction, or learn the art of networking.  Start early on making the transition from college student to young professional by developing the ability to succeed in a workplace environment. Learn more about Professional Development Day
Parker Business Scholars Program
Join an exclusive network of 20 students selected annually to develop their long-term leadership and professional potential. Learn more about the Parker Business Scholars Program benefits and apply today.

For more information on any of these programs, contact
Danielle L. Smith
Director, Experiential Learning & Student Engagement
Office: 3300B Parker College of Business
Phone: (912)478-6047

Last updated: 5/18/2023