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Statistics and Econometrics Research Group (SERG)

The Statistics and Econometrics Research Group (SERG) is a community of dedicated students and professors engaged in research related to computational statistics and econometrics.  The program is designed to provide a scientific forum to students who wish to conduct research in statistical methods motivated by business applications.


The range of topics covered in the econometrics lab is vast.  Topics include:

  • Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation of microeconometric and time series models
  • Bayesian inference of financial models
  • Implementation of different econometric and statistical techniques


The SERG offers workshops to Georgia Southern students.  In these workshops, the emphasis is on the practical aspects of statistics and econometrics.  Students will learn how the estimated models can be used as tools for investment decisions, policy making, prediction, etc.  The SERG also offers more specialized workshops where the students are taught quantitative methods for business and economic analysis using different statistical packages.  The aim is to help students with statistical questions and methods in thesis writing.


An important objective of the SERG is to attract students from different departments to participate in activities.  This work gives the students a valuable introduction to their future profession.

The Statistics and Econometrics Research Group is led by Dr. Omid Ardakani (

Please email Dr. Omid Ardakani to confirm your attendance (

Last updated: 3/31/2021