MSAE Curriculum

Required Courses:

ECON 7130 Math for Applied Economics

ECON 7131 Microeconomics

ECON 7132 Macroeconomics

ECON 7331 Applied Econometrics I

ECON 7332 Applied Econometrics II

Select five of the following courses

ECON 7133 International Economics

ECON 7232 History of Economic Thought

ECON 7431 Regional Economic Development

ECON 7531 Industrial Organization

ECON 7631 Advanced Financial Economics

ECON 7632 Financial Economics and Risk

ECON 8131 Health Economics

ECON 8231 Behavioral Economics

Typical Course Rotation for Required courses:

ECON 7132 Macroeconomics Fall

ECON  7130 Math for Applied Economics Spring

ECON 7331 Applied Econometrics I Spring

ECON 7131 Microeconomics Summer

ECON 7332 Applied Econometrics II summer


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