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As a retailing student, the Center for Retail Studies will provide you with several opportunities to grasp knowledge of the retail world through sponsored trips and conferences, as well as extensive preparation as you begin to look for a career upon graduation. Students annually travel to the National Retail Federation’s “Big Show” in New York City and the Shop.Org summit. Both travel opportunities allow students to network with top executives and managers at major retail firms. These student travel opportunities are mostly funded by scholarships and donations to our program. Students are also exposed to several retail executives through the Center’s hosting of guest speakers on campus. These speakers offer students a wealth of information about working in the retail industry as well as information on career paths.


Did you know that roughly one in five people work in retail?

The Center for Retail Studies has developed relationships with several retailing companies who recruit on Georgia Southern University’s campus each semester. Typically, before the career fair, retailers speak to several classes about their organization and potential career opportunities. Then, retailers participate in our career fair and gather resumes from retailing students. Soon after, selected students are invited to interview with these retailers.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) provides a webpage dedicated to helping retail students determine which aspect of the retail industry is suitable for them, as well as companies hiring students with a degree in retail. Students seeking more information about potential career opportunities in retail should visit the NRF career website.


The Center for Retail Studies helps students obtain internships by forming partnerships with several retailers. These internships are typically offered during the summer. Through the internship program, students gain relevant experience, while receiving course credit toward their degree.

Last updated: 4/8/2021