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Alumnus in the Spotlight — Rhett Anderson

Rhett Anderson (LOGT, 2016) is a commercial real estate broker who specializes in tenant representation for users of industrial real estate, especially 3PL’s. His core responsibility is to ensure his clients’ real estate portfolios are structured so that they can achieve profitability and service their own customers while meeting the required standards. He attributes the time management skills he learned in the Parker College of Business as very valuable in his career.

The best part of Rhett’s job is the competitive nature of the deal process. So far, the greatest challenge he has faced in his career occurred when he left a 3PL after nearly ten years to focus on commercial real estate. Since the change, Rhett has twice earned Time Peak Performer (Top 4 Sales Executive) in a Sales Organization of 1,000+ Employees status. He cites this recognition as his proudest accomplishment.

While at Georgia Southern, Rhett’s favorite instructor was Linda Mullen, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing. He says he loved her sales classes and “the way she kept it 100% real.” Rhett also says he will remember Mullen’s sales team competition trips forever.

In his spare time, Rhett enjoys spending time with his family and animals and playing golf—he is really into golf! In the future, Rhett hopes to develop warehousing assets that may be used to serve his current client base.


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