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Norfolk Southern Welcomes LSCM Students

LSCM students tour Norfolk Southern’s Garden City Yard

On February 28, students from LOGT 3232, travelled to Norfolk Southern’s Garden City Yard–the busiest rail hub in the Southeast. After a safety briefing and lunch, the students formed three groups. Each group visited the control tower with Ryan Karjala (LOGT, 2017), director of scheduled train optimization. The students also toured the switchyard and learned how Norfolk Southern is using advanced technology to improve customer service and rail safety.

Ryan Karjala speaking to one of the tour groups in the control tower

Norfolk Southern has safely moved the goods and materials that power the economy of the United States since 1827. Today, its freight transportation network is the most extensive intermodal network east of the Mississippi River. Norfolk Southern serves a majority of the country’s population and manufacturing base with connections to every major container port on the Atlantic coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.

A view of the yard from the control tower

This tour was part of Parker College’s Logistics and SCM (LSCM) Savannah Pilot Program, which facilitates site visits for Statesboro- and Armstrong-based LSCM students. Previously, Christian Rossetti’s, Ph.D., associate professor of logistics & supply chain management, LOGT 3232 students have visited the Garden City Terminal of the Georgia Ports, Colonial Group, Gulfstream, Port City Logistics, and Peeples Industries.


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