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Twelve from Georgia Southern University Recognized as RNMKRS Rising Stars

RNMKRS is set to recognize twelve students from the Parker College of Business as Rising Stars on Thursday, 10/28 at an exclusive, virtual event.

To be recognized as a Rising Star, students must be in the top 5% of all students within the RNMKRS competition. During this invitation-only event, Rising Star invitees will be recognized for their achievement, while having the opportunity to network with RNMKRS corporate partners and mentors.

The Fall 2021 RNMKRS Rising Stars from the Parker College of Business, Center for Sales Excellence include:

  • Teslynn Albrecht
  • Michael Bland
  • Carson Crowe
  • Ansley Deering
  • Christina Harris
  • Hadyn Hoff
  • Christopher Longazel
  • Kasey Perks
  • Lisandra Vidal-Velez
  • Courtney Simon
  • Julie Thigpen
  • De’Andre Williams

RNMKRS, a virtual sales competition launched in 2018, empowers students to communicate and influence decisions using bias-free interactive technology. Over 2,000 college students complete over 60,000 role-plays, honing their selling skills by speaking with Alex, an artificially intelligent customer bot that listens, adapts, and responds while scoring students and giving them feedback. Students improve their selling skills and refine their communication and empathy skills along the way. All of this activity takes place on their mobile phone.

RNMKRS is utilized in sales classes taught at Georgia Southern University as a means to provide students with an ample amount of sales role-play experience. The virtual role-play is coached by the Center for Sales Excellence faculty, which includes Lindsay Levine, Ph.D., Linda Mullen, Ph.D., and Travis Brickey.


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