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Parker College of Business students receive U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award

Drayton Gilchrist, a senior double major in Supply Chain Management and Marketing

Students in the Parker College of Business at Georgia Southern University have received the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service award for volunteer hours they logged through the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement (OCLE) between February 2019 and February 2020. 

The U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award was presented to Iyanna Dandrea, Jasmine Alexander, Jayla Dubose, Drayton Gilchrist, Kenneth Glover and Mary A. Salter. Students who participated in unpaid acts of volunteer service which benefited others are eligible to receive the award.

“It is an honor to see my contributions to the Statesboro community be acknowledged, especially on a national platform,” said Gilchrist. “This proves that I’m on the right track, and I will use it as motivation to continue to grow and to encourage others who want to do the same.”

Gilchrist’s volunteer work included cleaning Georgia Southern’s campus on Sundays, assisting at the local food bank and handing out flyers with important information such as voter registration, mental health and financial literacy. Community service has always played a large role in his life, he said. 

“Seeing my mother out in our community serving food to children and growing vegetables to distribute to those who truly needed them instilled community service in me,” he said. “Another inspiration came from my brothers in the Men Of Vision and Excellence. Seeing their engagement with the local community proved that it would be a perfect fit for me.”

Additionally, OLCE presented a University-level 50 Hour award to students Hannah Greenblat, Antonia Jackson, Autumn Williams and Tiffany Wills who logged at least 50 hours of community service. 

Hannah Greenblat, senior Management major, Marketing minor

Greenblat was recognized for her role as a peer mentor with the University’s Academic Success Center and peer leader supervisor with the First-Year Experience program. She also is the founder and president of the student organization Women in Business. 

“I wanted to be a resource to new Georgia Southern students,” stated Hannah. “When I was a freshman, I felt that I had to find resources on my own and wanted a way to give back.”

As a peer leader, Hannah was able to grow personally and professionally, she noted. Volunteering has allowed her to build leadership skills that will help her in her future career — from learning ways to effectively communicate with professional staff and other peers to planning and organizational skills to presentation skills.

The awards were presented during the inaugural Eagle Excellence Awards ceremony. 


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