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Georgia Southern University Raises Money for Students Facing Financial Struggles With the “Ensure Our Eagles Finish Strong” Campaign

Georgia Southern University launched a campaign on Monday, May 18, to raise money for enrolled students who are facing financial struggles during these unprecedented times.

Georgia Southern created the “Ensure Our Eagles Finish Strong” campaign to assist as many students as possible in fulfilling their academic dreams during these difficult times. The goal of the campaign is to raise $250,000 for up to 250 of our students who are in need and seeking to finish their degree. The campaign also hopes to raise an additional $140,000 for 14 returning spring sport seniors who had their season cut short.

The campaign serves with hopes of keeping traditional students enrolled in our university who might not have a choice but to drop out due to limited funding caused by COVID-19. Student-athletes who are awarded financial help are promised a full athletic season that will allow them to succeed in reaching their athletics goals.

The “Ensure Our Eagles Finish Strong” campaign will run through July 2. For more information on how to donate, visit


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