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Mooney Named New Graduate Programs Director for Georgia Southern College of Business

The Georgia Southern University College of Business is pleased to announce new leadership for the Georgia Southern MBA program. Lowell Mooney, Ph.D., professor of accounting, will be the new MBA director as well as director of Graduate Studies for the College, starting July 1, 2018. Mooney, a long-standing faculty member of the Georgia Southern College of Business, is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Georgia Society of CPAs, and the Institute of Management Accountants, among other professional organizations. He currently teaches managerial accounting courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Mooney has received numerous awards for his teaching, research and service activities, including the Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Advisor award, the Georgia Society of CPAs Outstanding Accounting Educator award and the Georgia Southern University Bishop Award for Sustained Excellence.

Mooney currently leads the Graduate Curriculum and Programs Committee (GCPC), which spent the last six months reevaluating and redesigning the MBA program. The revised program, to be implemented in Savannah, brings a 21st Century approach to the College’s MBA curriculum. “While the current GCPC has been working tirelessly this year, it is important to give credit to the two previous GCPC committees and a special task force,” states Mooney. “Those colleagues performed benchmarking studies, conducted surveys of current and former MBA students, and met with our advisory boards and potential employers. Without that groundwork, there is no way this year’s committee would have been able to redesign the curriculum in six months.”

After extensive review of the research, the GCPC adopted a competency framework that posits that managers add value to their organization when they apply functional knowledge (technical skills) in the context of their organization (business skills) to influence others (people skills) and lead (leadership skills). Research further shows that, as professionals move up in their careers, leadership and people skills increase in importance relative to the technical and business skills. “Given our decision to target working professionals with two to eight years of experience, the committee realized we needed a greater focus on people and leadership skills,” Mooney noted. The GCPC embarked on a two-fold strategy for its MBA makeover: (1) reinforce existing technical and business skills to meet the challenges of today’s highly complex and competitive environment; and (2) enhance the communication, collaboration, negotiation, team building, coaching and change management skills that are so important for career advancement.

Georgia Southern began its MBA program in 1969. During its first 50 years, the program was redesigned several times to meet stakeholder needs. The program’s latest iteration will launch in Fall 2019, with Mooney as its seventh director. “I see a real opportunity for our College to build something new, exciting and valuable,” stated Dean Allen C. Amason. “The reputational capital that an MBA program can create pays off in many ways, including more selective recruiting and placement, better recognition and respect in industry and academic circles, and more successful fund raising and alumni engagement.”


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