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What Will a Georgia Southern Graduate Business Degree Do for You?

by Caroline Nimnicht, Marketing minor (’18)

Do you currently feel stuck in your career? Many high-paying careers are centered around the degree that you hold and can determine the title and position you attain. The Georgia Southern College of Business offers multiple graduate degrees that may be the strategic leap you need to advance your career.

Georgia Southern’s College of Business offers two MBA programs, an online program and a face-to-face program on two separate campuses; two master of accounting programs, an online program and a face-to-face program on the main campus in Statesboro; and an online master of science in applied economics (MSAE) program. Participating in and completing any of these AACSB-International accredited programs results in a business graduate degree that will lead you to advanced professional opportunities in the form of the skills you need for a new career, a job promotion, a salary increase within the company at which you currently work or retaining your current position by staying relevant in your field of expertise.

While a business graduate degree can benefit your career in multiple ways, the mere thought of going back to grad school can seem like an intimidating process. Yes, the process is time intensive, but the payoff and end goal are definitely worth it.

If obtaining an MBA degree is what you need to achieve your professional goals, look no further than the Georgia Southern College of Business. The Georgia Southern MBA complements any undergraduate degree or career path. In the online MBA program, you complete a fixed 30-credit hour curriculum, in a time and location independent format (asynchronous), in about 21 months. So, in less than two years, you will have completed your accredited MBA degree program.

If you are a working professional living in the Savannah/Chatham County region or surrounding area, the MBA in Savannah program is the one for you. The student who participates in this program takes classes with a cohort, typically two evenings each week, and students in this program, as in any Georgia Southern graduate business program, have full access to Georgia Southern computing, library and career services. In about 15 months, the student completes the program.

The student who participates in the MBA main campus program enjoys a full, college, campus experience in a part-time format suited for fully-employed Statesboro locals and well-qualified pre-professionals. Since you are on the main campus, you may take advantage of all that the main campus has to offer as well as taking additional electives offered by other graduate programs and utilizing financial assistance options.

Do you have an undergraduate degree in accounting but want to advance your skills or expertise? The two master of accounting programs that the Georgia Southern College of Business offers might be for you. The master of accounting (MAcc) degree allows students to continue their specialized studies in accounting, allowing those seeking careers as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to get the appropriate number of hours needed to sit for the CPA exam. For the professional already working in the accounting field but who wants to advance his/her career, the online master of accounting (WebMAcc) degree is a 30-semester hour program with a team-based approach to online learning that helps ensure the student’s success.

The Georgia Southern College of Business also offers a master of science in applied economics. This online program’s goal is to provide graduates with analytical capabilities in economic development, financial economics and regulatory issues. As employers demand an ever-expanding range of skills from their employees, graduate programs prepare you for the next step in your career.

Obtaining any of the graduate degrees the Georgia Southern College of Business offers will benefit you in ways that the average undergraduate degree never will. It is never too late to go back to school if the end goal is career advancement, job security, personal growth, and career success.


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