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How to Make Things Happen as an MBA Student

Making the most of your time in a business program

If you want to make things happen in the business world, you need to start taking the initiative while you’re still working on your business degree. The difference between success and failure is often in the approach you take, and these tips can get you started on the path toward attaining your goals.

Harness Your Passion

Passion is the energy that drives you forward. It’s what keeps you from giving up when the going gets tough. Know what you want from your career and your life, and focus your passion on finding the best avenues to get you there.

Learn to Prioritize

Activities that don’t move you forward or enhance productivity should be assessed and, if necessary, dropped. While you need to create a healthy balance between work and life, the time you spend on work should be dedicated solely to achieving your goals. Use lists to visualize your priorities and determine how much progress you’re making on a regular basis.

Streamline Your Processes

Programs, tools and apps make it much easier to stay on top of your priorities. Find the collection of technological tools that works best for your situation and create a system that allows you to move easily between important tasks.

Create a Critical Path

Like the straight line from point A to point B, a critical path is the shortest route that leads to your goals. You can map these paths out as diagrams or follow them as lines of thought in all you do. You’ll quickly see where you’re getting slowed down so that you can reorganize your priorities and improve time management to remove roadblocks to success.

Utilize Your Team

A solid team of people who share your vision and are dedicated to the same goals is essential to making anything happen. Instead of letting pride drive you to “go it alone,” share tasks among these like-minded individuals. Take advantage of their personal networks to find even more resources to increase productivity.

Get Involved

The Georgia Southern University MBA Association (MBAA) provides an avenue for graduate students to get involved, adding value to their MBA experience. The MBAA at the Georgia Southern College of Business meets weekly, bringing in guest speakers from the community to discuss various aspects of business in different industries. The Georgia Southern MBAA has also visited and toured Claxton Poultry, Georgia Port Authority and Visit Savannah.

At Georgia Southern University, you’ll gain the tools you need to make anything happen, whether you’re in school or out in the business world. Our College of Business offers students diverse opportunities in studies, internships and careers. Contact our graduate business programs office today to learn more or to enroll in one of our graduate degree programs at (912) 478-5767


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