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Résumé Essentials for MBA Students

Get the expert tips and tricks you need to know to translate your academic achievements into a winning résumé for any workplace.

You’ve worked hard for years to get an education that puts you on a fast track to success. Now that your MBA studies are well on their way, it’s time to think about your professional future, and updating your résumé is the logical place to start. Even if you’re the definition of a dream candidate in person, getting that face-to-face meeting means looking just as great on paper first. Because their inboxes are constantly flooded with new applications, hiring managers have just a few precious minutes to screen for promising leads. Here’s what you can do to make sure that your name makes it into the approved-for-interview pile:

1. Make personalized applications easy by creating a customizable CV to use as base material. Slightly different from a résumé, which is much more condensed, a CV – short for curriculum vitae – acts as a broader biography that puts your entire background in perspective by including everything from academic degrees and professional certifications to grants, awards and honors. When finished, a detailed CV can easily take up to two or three pages.

2. Master the art of editing. When you need to ace a new application, downsize a copy of your CV to a one-page résumé that reflects the job description and the company’s mission. In addition to telling employers why you’re the ideal fit for their unique needs, personalized résumés instantly earn you bonus points for going above and beyond the basics.

3. Put your most attention-grabbing accomplishments at the top. Gone are the days of standardized résumé formats. As long as you keep the copy clean and concise, shifting the order of your headers to put the spotlight on your best qualities is perfectly acceptable.

4. Don’t shy away from praising your performance. Listing specifics that show how you excelled at your day-to-day responsibilities – like successfully leading a team of 15 as project manager or doubling sales in one quarter – is much more impressive than using vague descriptions of your duties.

Looking for a graduate business program where your future success is a priority? At Georgia Southern, we run regular résumé boot camps, and when students need some last-minute advice before a big interview, our experienced career specialists are always on hand for impromptu critiques. To learn how our career services can help you make a smooth transition from student to professional, visit the Office of Career Services online at


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