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Building Your Leadership Skills through Student Organizations

Build Your Résumé and Skill Set through Student Organizations

Getting a business degree is about a lot more than mastering the ins and outs of finance or learning how to navigate mergers and acquisitions. It’s also about mastering the leadership skills needed to thrive and advance in the world’s most respected organizations. You can study leadership, but there’s just no substitute for actual leadership experience. If you think that’s just too hard to get while you’re earning your degree, think again. Joining student organizations is a great way to practice and master leadership skills.

How Student Organizations and Leadership Skills Are Connected

Having leadership experience in college is viewed positively by employers. After all, there’s no interview question or assessment test that can really gauge a job candidate’s leadership skills. Proven experience is the only thing that can be used to show potential employers that you have both the hard and soft skills they’re seeking.

When you join a student organization in your area of academic or professional interest, you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself and hone your leadership skills. After all, you can take on leadership duties in different arenas to see where you really excel. Imagine that you’re torn between a finance career and a human resources career. You can work on group projects and serve as a club’s treasurer to get a better idea of which job role is best for you.

As you handle these different duties and participate in club activities, you’ll also enjoy awesome networking opportunities. Successful alumni from business programs often give their time to clubs. In addition to networking with such alumni, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet local business and community leaders. You’ll be able to learn from these professionals in a safe environment where you can focus on building your skills.

While giving you a break from your regular class schedule, student organizations also provide opportunities for members to relax and socialize. Joining a student organization is a great way to meet new people and learn how to work with a diverse group of individuals. Of course, organizations offer a great way to build your résumé, too. Successfully participating in a student organization shows potential employers that you can handle leadership duties and know how to work with others.

Which Organizations Should You Join?

A variety of student organizations are active at the Georgia Southern University College of Business. You should join the organizations that are closely connected to your professional fields of interest but also join organizations that represent your other interests. After all, this is the perfect time to explore everything business school has to offer.

Want to know more about student organizations at the College of Business? Visit our website, and reach out if you have any questions.


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