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There’s a BIG Pitch Competition Ceremony Coming In October

A BIG Pitch for Sustainability is Headed to Georgia

The fields of engineering, the sciences and technology hold a great deal of promise when it comes to sustainability. This October, students from these academic areas will show off their sustainability contributions at the BIG Pitch competition. Georgia Southern University’s College of Business and the Ocean Exchange have partnered to host the competition, which will be reminiscent of Shark Tank with a focus on more constructive, collaborative criticism.

The Business Innovation Group (BIG) at the College of Business is excited to draw attention to the brightest minds in the sustainability discussion. Inviting students from around the world to share environmentally-geared solutions for the engineering, science and tech fields at the competition is a great way to highlight how today’s students are impacting both the business world and the planet as a whole. After all, traditional business models that don’t account for the role of the environment in organizational success are being replaced by the work of thinkers such as these. The BIG Pitch competition is an exciting opportunity to hear cutting-edge solutions before they hit the mainstream.

The competition’s call for solutions, which is closed now, asked students to focus on what can be done to improve economies, protect the environment and care for the health of communities. In line with its mission, the Ocean Exchange has asked participants to think about solutions that can be adapted to the unique needs of different cultures. Both teams and individuals working under the direction of an advisor have submitted solutions that target reducing waste while increasing productivity.

By tackling these two big issues at once, students are enabled to address ecological demands while respecting the traditions and needs of local communities. BIG and the Ocean Exchange want to draw focus to this two-pronged goal during the competition because integrated approaches to sustainability offer the best results. Students making pitches will explain what thought and technological innovations they’re bringing to the table and how these support overarching sustainability goals.

The BIG Pitch is highlighting serious issues but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun involved, too. An upbeat pitching program allows competitors to show off their solutions while allowing the audience to hear the most stimulating ideas in science, engineering and technology. Of course, the competition also boasts high financial stakes. The winner will receive $10,000 cash from the sponsoring organizations.

Learn More About the BIG Pitch Competition

Students who are studying for a business degree and are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate business program can learn a lot from attending the BIG Pitch competition. To learn more about this exciting event and Georgia Southern University’s involvement, contact BIG today.


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