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Students Receive SAP Certifications

What if you had only nine days to learn more than 800 pages of advanced software concepts before taking an exam covering that material? On May 18, 2015, 14 students started this daunting challenge in the College of Business Department of Information Systems. On May 29, all 14 Georgia Southern students passed their TERP10 exams and received their SAP certification. This is only the second time in five years that students taking the course had a 100% pass rate.

Department Chair Camille Rogers, Ph.D., and her colleague, Bob Syzmanski, guided these students through a rigorous curriculum in what the Department of Information Systems calls its TERP10(training in ERP for 10 days)  boot camp. ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, or more commonly known as corporate software. During the ten day course, students met from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, as they prepared to take the TERP10 exam. Passing the exam means they receive an official certification in the SAP enterprise systems software and are then qualified to become SAP consultants.

This software, originally developed in Germany, features more than 24 comprehensive, integrated modules that support common business processes such as purchasing, accounting, manufacturing, and human resources. SAP is used by 80 percent of Fortune 500 businesses around the world including Coca-Cola, Gulfstream, Delta, Georgia-Pacific, Flowers Foods, BMW, and AT&T. Becoming certified opens the door for high-level jobs and higher paying opportunities. Obtaining the certification is open to any College of Business student as long as he or she has completed at least three upper level information systems classes. Students can also elect to major or minor in information systems.

The Department of Information Systems at Georgia Southern is one of the few departments in the entire Southeast offering SAP certification. Students in the department also obtain frequent networking opportunities such as the Georgia ASUG meeting for SAP users three times a year.

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