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Georgia Southern Eagles on Wall Street


Comparing the small town, southern feel of Statesboro, Georgia, with the big city, flashy flare of Wall Street in New York City, you would struggle to find many similarities. For one week in May 2015, however, the two places did share at least one similarity; they were both visited by Georgia Southern Eagles. Move over Wolves of Wall Street, the Eagles have landed!

A class of 24 Georgia Southern students ended their spring semester by exploring Wall Street. The students visited major financial firms like Willis Group, Goldman-Sachs, and the Federal Reserve where they toured facilities, listened to presentations, and even got to do some networking. As Rand Ressler, PhD, department chair of finance and economics said, “It’s one thing for students to get this information from a textbook and a completely different one to hear practical advice from people who actually have careers on Wall Street.”


Alissa Lee, PhD, assistant professor of finance, first brought the idea to College of Business Dean Allen C. Amason after joining the faculty from her previous position at Oklahoma State University. There, Lee saw how beneficial the annual trip to Wall Street had been to her Oklahoma State students. Dean Amason quickly bought into her idea, and Lee started working to put the trip together. Amason would even end up joining the students for part of the trip.
Joe Ruhland, PhD, associate professor of risk management and insurance, joined Lee in leading and organizing the trip. They relied heavily on prior connections they had on Wall Street and worked diligently to make the trip affordable for students. Along with plane fare, the students paid a one-time trip fee that covered accommodations, multiple meals, and several tourist excursions.


For the students and faculty involved, the inaugural Eagles on Wall Street program was nothing short of a success. Few universities can offer similar experiences for their College of Business students. Almost certainly, next year will see even more Eagles soaring on Wall Street as the trip gains more exposure.

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