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Student Services Making an Impact this Summer

ssc-teamSome people spend their summers lying out by the pool, taking long strolls on the beach, or embarking on adventurous hikes. The team at the College of Business Student Services Center is spending its summer a little differently. As head of student services, Ms. Bobbie Williams says, “There’s always plenty of work for me and my team to do during the summer.”

The main focus for the student services team has been Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR). SOAR takes place during multiple sessions and occupies 22 total days during the summer. Along with the freshmen SOAR sessions are multiple sessions for transfer students. College of Business Student Services works closely with these students to make the transition process as smooth as possible.

Hundreds of students attend each freshman SOAR session, and the Student Services team is in charge of putting a presentation together for the 60 plus students per session who aspire to join the College of Business. The team gives these students a presentation that lasts a little over 90 minutes, introducing them to the College of Business and some of its programs.

From there, they conduct the Noell-Levitt survey to get an initial evaluation of the students. This survey, created and measured by an outside research firm, gives the student services team an indication of each individual student’s personality as well as the best course of action to advise him or her for the fall semester.

Eight advisors and a specialized interventionist make up the team at the College of Business Student Services Center. This team works directly with College of Business students to advise them on classes, to make sure they stay on track to graduate, and to provide them with additional resources and information.

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