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College of Business Team Competes in 6th Annual FastPitch

On Thursday, March 5, the Creative Coast held its 6th Annual FastPitch competition at the Creator’s Foundry in Savannah, GA. The Georgia Southern University winners from the 3 Day Startup (3DS) event, Advinup, represented the College of Business and Georgia Southern.

The day started at 8:00 a.m. and consisted of twenty participants pitching their products and/or services to a panel of six judges and three panelists who asked three minutes of follow-up questions after each presentation.  The three categories were service-based, product-based, and student entrepreneurs. Each pitch was evaluated on innovation, impact, structure, and delivery.

Advinup, a viral video competition application designed by Tyler Brown, competed in the student entrepreneur category against students from SCAD and Armstrong State. College of Business student and Advinup team member, John Nwosu , pitched the viral video competition concept, explaining likes become currency and users compete in different categories to win iPhones, travel opportunities, and more.  “Tyler Brown and the entire AdvinUp team are a group of students who are humble, hungry, and smart. They are exceptionally talented and tenacious in their pursuit of making the most of this start-up experience,” states Steve Stewart, PhD, professor of entrepreneurship, faculty advisor to Advinup, and Advinup Advisory Board Member. “They’ve surrounded themselves with excellent people, availed themselves of the resources of the Entrepreneurship program, the Business Innovation Group, and 3DS, and have learned from every experience. They exemplify what the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program and the College of Business at Georgia Southern are about–excellent students engaged in an outstanding student experience in the context of a world-class university environment.”

At the end of the day, Andy Cabistan, a graduate student at Armstrong State, won the student category for his pitch on a peer-to-peer phone and web application called Turbee, which allows for short distance, in-person deliveries. Lara Neece’s invention, the Bicycle Wrap Skirt, won first place in the product-based category and was the overall winner.  Lea Lynch proposed the idea of FosterFit, winning first place in the service-based category and runner up overall.


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