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Staying in Georgia After Graduation? Look Here for Jobs

Where to move if Georgia’s on your mind

Do you know what you’re doing after graduation? If you’re like most College of Business Administration graduates, you’ll be looking for a job soon after—or possibly even before—you walk off campus with your degree in hand. For recent College of Business graduates who wish to stay in the state of Georgia after graduation, finding the right place to look for jobs can seem like an overwhelming task. You might want to start in these cities.


Located north of Atlanta, Alpharetta has one of the largest clusters of technology employers in the entire South. In addition to big names like Verizon and Hewlett-Packard, it’s also home to information-services companies like Lexis-Nexis. What’s more, there’s a vibrant startup culture here that makes entrepreneurial types feel right at home.

Peachtree City

Tucked into the rolling hills just southwest of Atlanta, Peachtree City is a high-tech manufacturing hub that has plenty of managerial and supervisory positions available. With low living costs and virtually nonexistent crime rates, it’s also a great place to raise a family.


Located east of Atlanta, Athens is a cultural and academic hub. The home of The University of Georgia has plenty of teaching and research positions available, but its real strength may lie in the startup culture fueled by clever members of the city’s academic community. If you’re bright and ambitious, you’ll fit right in here.

Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs isn’t far from Alpharetta, and the two cities’ economies have lots in common. Like Alpharetta, this friendly city is home to many technology employers, including IBM. It also has a massive healthcare complex that offers opportunities for those interested in administrative and managerial roles that make a difference in the lives of others.


Located south of Savannah and Statesboro, Hinesville benefits from the proximity of Fort Stewart. It’s also home to a well-regarded medical cluster that offers similar opportunities to those found in Sandy Springs. If you have military ties or ambitions, Hinesville could be high on your list.

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