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Georgia Southern City Campus plans BIG Maker Day

BiG-Logo-Draft-Set5-MovedGear2-SMALLGeorgia Southern’s Business Innovation Group (BIG) is planning a Maker Day event to showcase the work of area makers – those who are embracing the do-it-yourself spirit. The inaugural BIG Maker Day will be held on November 22, 2014 from 9am-2pm at the City Campus in Downtown Statesboro.

Maven Makers of Savannah, GA will be leading a workshop to help participants build a corn-hole catapult. Teams of 2-4 people can participate for $75/team. Maven Makers will supply all necessary materials and give instructions on how to build a small catapult capable of launching up to 1 lb. The workshop should take about 4 hours. Once the catapults are built, participants can participate in a corn-hole bag launching competition where prizes will be given for accuracy and distance of launch.

While teams are working on their catapults other makers will be showcasing their latest creations for everyone in attendance. Technical Training Aids from Atlanta will highlight items produced on 3D Printers they sell. Georgia Southern student and entrepreneur, Francis Okechukwu, will demonstrate his latest engineering educational game for kids.  Lowes will also be hosting a Build and Grow workshop for kids.

If you’re interested in participating in BIG Maker Day in any capacity please call Suzanne Hallman at 912-478-5586.


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