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The College of Business Forensic Accounting Program

Hot on the trail of white collar crime

The corporate finance scandals of the early 2000s introduced a new generation to the dark side of modern accounting. While it’s true that accountants can use their financial wizardry for selfish ends, the emerging science of forensic accounting aims to counter bad actors in various industries as well as out-and-out criminals who operate on the black market. If that sounds like a promising career description, you’ll want to learn more about this rapidly growing field.

What Is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting is a fast-growing science that utilizes the principles of accounting to uncover criminal activity and identify financial transactions that could be used to solve related crimes. Forensic accountants analyze the financial records of individuals, companies, non-governmental organizations, and criminal rings to find patterns of suspicious activity and build clear financial profiles of otherwise opaque organizations.

Potential Applications

Forensic accounting has a stunning range of applications. First, private firms often hire forensic accountants to help their legal teams defend against or advance litigation involving complex financial issues. Forensic accountants who work in this capacity use the “trail” left by financial transactions to refute or support claims made by or against their employers. Larger law firms may keep forensic accountants on permanent retainer.

Additionally, forensic accountants may work for law enforcement agencies that prosecute white collar crimes as well as criminal rackets. For instance, large, well-organized drug and weapons smuggling rings are often undone by the work of financial accountants.

Employment Opportunities

U.S. News & World Report recently identified forensic accounting as one of the “hottest” fields for enterprising accountants. Employment opportunities in the field are spread evenly among public and private employers. In Georgia, state agencies, local branches of federal agencies, major law firms, and Fortune 1000 companies all require the services of forensic accountants.

How Does The College of Business Forensic Accounting Program Work?

The College of Business Fraud and Forensic Studies program prepares students for careers in the field of forensic accounting. From the Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business to the College of Business Forensic Accounting Advisory Board, opportunities abound for accounting students who wish to burnish their forensic credentials before leaving the Georgia Southern College of Business.

Earn a Degree in Business Administration From The Georgia Southern University College of Business.

Forensic accounting is just one of the many fields drawing students to the Georgia Southern University College of Business. Whether you’re looking to earn a powerful accounting certification or obtain an MBA that could open the door to upward mobility and higher earnings, we have a program that fits your needs and lifestyle. To learn more about building your future in the College of Business, visit us online, drop by our Statesboro campus, or call 912.478.2622.


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