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What’s Going on at the Center for Sales Excellence?

Sales and Marketing: Promising Fields for Promising Students

In the old days, higher education was all about lectures delivered by stuffy professors in crowded lecture halls. At the College of Business at Georgia Southern University, we believe that truly effective education requires a hands-on, resource-intensive approach that takes advantage of the incredible talent of Savannah-area professionals. At the College of Business Center for Sales Excellence, we’re doing our part to prepare our students for promising sales and marketing careers.

Sales Labs and Role Playing?

The Center for Sales Excellence has cutting-edge resources that include “sales labs” and immersive learning. You might be surprised to hear that a sales-oriented institution has a “laboratory” facility on its grounds, but we’re committed to preparing students for as many real-world scenarios as possible. In our sales lab, aspiring marketing and sales professionals can practice pitches, marketing tactics, and other sales techniques with a partner or in small groups. Many students who get their starts in our lab go on to compete in national-level sales competitions.

The last weekend in March, the Advanced Sales Team competed in the 16th Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) hosted by Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA, outside of Atlanta. The College of Business had 13 students competing in several categories. This year, the NCSC hosted 65 universities from around the country to compete in six rounds of competition, divided into undergraduate and graduate competitions. The top 50 teams to place in the competition are always invited back to the NCSC the following year. Our Georgia Southern College of Business team will be returning to compete in 2015.

Corporate Sponsorship and Other Opportunities

The Center for Sales Excellence relies on the proud, unwavering support of small and large businesses from the Savannah area and beyond. Many of our corporate sponsors actively recruit students who use the center’s facilities, and two dedicated professionals—Dr. Lindsay Larson and Dr. Linda Mullen—tirelessly court new sponsors to ensure the facility’s smooth functioning.

Internships and Competitions

Students who utilize the Center for Sales Excellence are well positioned to secure internships, earn career-making certifications, and participate in prestigious competitions. Dr. Michael L. Thomas plays “matchmaker” between aspiring sales professionals and corporations that wish to hire interns or entry-level graduates. Students who wish to gain valuable experience before graduation are sure to find internships that suit their needs. Meanwhile, College of Business students can participate in national sales competitions through the center.

The Right Certification for the Right Career

The Center for Sales Excellence also makes it possible for students to earn a valuable SPIN sales certification without overloading their schedules. SPIN is an intensive sales course that prepares students for modern sales and marketing careers. It teaches

  • How to ask the right questions at every step of the sales process;
  • Conversational tactics to move the sale forward;
  • Finding pain points and value propositions; and
  • Building customer relationships.

Preparing for the Future with a Degree in Business Administration

The Center for Sales Excellence is just one tool that the Georgia Southern College of Business Administration offers for aspiring sales and marketing professionals. We’re proud to give our students the resources and expertise they need to set themselves apart from their peers and make a real impact on the workplace of the future. If you’re ready to see what your future looks like in the Georgia Southern College of Business, visit us online or call (912) 478- 0513 to learn more.


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