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Michael Reksulak’s Free Enterprise Column

Free Enterprise column in Savannah Morning News

Forget about wishing for a Kentucky vs. North Carolina final matchup in your March Madness Brackets. You should be paying attention to a real heavyweight matchup: Amazon vs. Apple.
Michael Reksulak, in his latest Free Enterprise column titled “Throwing the book at Apple,” reports on the recent news about “… the real possibility of an antitrust lawsuit by the federal government.”
At issue is Apple’s announcement when the first iPad hit the market “…to offer eBooks via the iPad at a discount from hardcovers, but not uniformly at $9.99.”
Michael writes:

“Amazon customers — and there are many, enough to give deep-pocketed Apple a run for the money — still remember the pleading announcements by Amazon that they had ‘to give in’ to ultimatums by publishers. Also, Amazon continues to drive this point home by adding the phrase ‘this price was set by the publisher’ to its eBook price quotes.”



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