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Inside Business Buzz – February 2014

Message from the Dean

I was at an event recently where someone said to me, “Georgia Southern really is a well-kept secret.” Now, this was intended as a compliment. Our degrees are respected, and our alumni network is expanding in size and influence. So the value of a Georgia Southern degree is clear. What bothered me though was that he called it a secret.

You see, it’s not enough just to be good. We must also share that value, for the benefit of others. We should be spreading the good news about our quality, our work ethic, and the opportunity we provide. We should invite the world to look at our College of Business and to evaluate our programs, faculty, and graduates. I am confident they will recognize the value and see potential.

So, are we a well-kept secret? Perhaps, but let it not continue to be so. The College of Business at Georgia Southern is a great place, and we will be even greater. We owe it to the marketplace to make that value known.

Allen Amason, Dean



 3 Day Startup Event

I’d like to thank everyone who supported our first ever 3 Day Start-up Event at Georgia Southern. It was a very intense three days. The 40 selected students came from all but one college on campus and ranged from freshman to doctorate, in-person and online. These students 

started Friday with a brainstorming session, and by Sunday they had developed viable businesses, created websites, conducted market research, established financial projections, recorded instructional videos, and developed working prototypes. The six developed companies were:

Go Local – A mobile app that connects users to local events and venues based on their preset preference settings;
Our Shelf – A subscription-based e-book rental service for students, that could reduce the cost of textbooks by as much as 80 percent and provide students with lifetime access to the text and course notes;
Sweater Weather – A fashion related mobile app, that uses metatags, geolocation, and social media, to help a user put together outfits based on weather, what they have in their closet, colors, style, what’s trending, etc.;
Mac and Chaz – A food truck for college students that has already garnered the interest of potential parking locations and customers, with their unique style and service.
Cre8tiv – Uses micro-transactions and an open source platform to enable users to develop a fully customizable website for as little as $1; and
CustoMaze – A new game that enables one player to construct a maze and another player to navigate the maze through the use of camera fitted robot controlled by their mobile device.

This is just the beginning for these entrepreneurs, as all have approached us about working through our incubator to help bring their ideas to reality, and in helping to be apart of this annual tradition.

Also, after hearing the pitches, our panelists were asked to select one company to participate in this year’s Creative Coast Fast Pitch Competition. I am happy to announce that our panelists selected Go Local to represent the group. This year’s Fast Pitch will be held at the Coastal Georgia Center in Savannah on Friday, March 7th from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Thanks again to our Selection Committee, our Mentors, our panelists, our sponsors, and to my team for all your hard work in helping make this event a successful one.

P.S. Please make plans to join us on  April 9th  for our inaugural Entrepreneurship Lecture Series as we host Hannah Davis, founder and CEO of BANGS Shoes, as she shares her inspirational story of developing a business with a social purpose. More details to follow.

As always, thanks for all your help and support,

Dominique Halaby, Director





Georgia Southern Day at the Capitol

A group of faculty, students, and administrators visited the Capitol on the morning of February 6th. Our purpose was to thank the legislature, the Governor, and the staff for their support of Georgia Southern. It was also an opportunity to showcase some of our programs, students, and research. The College of Business was represented by Dean Amason (seen here with Gus) and by Ms. Pam Jones, from our Development Office.


Faculty News & Publications

writingDr. Kathleen Gruben hosted Target on February 5 and Toys “R” Us on February 19. Unfortunately, due to the ice storm, Belk Day was cancelled. Kathleen opens her classroom for these companies to speak to her students and has developed these relationships over the past ten years.

Kim, Jin-Woo (2013), “Does Movie Trailer Release During the Super Bowl Really Work? The Impact of Movie Promotion on Revenue and Value,” International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, 5(2), 67-76.

Kim, Jin-Woo, Traci H. Freling, and Jacqueline K. Eastman (2013), “Do Advertising Efficiency and Brand Value Matter?: Evidence from Super Bowl Advertising,”  Marketing Management Journal, 23(1), 90-101.

Kim, Jin-Woo, Traci H. Freling, and Doug B. Grisaffe (2013), “The Secret Sauce for Super Bowl Advertising: What Makes Marketing Work in the World’s Most Watched Event?”  Journal of Advertising Research, 53(2), 134-149.

“Social Networking  and Small  Business: An Exploratory Study” by Geoffrey Dick has been accepted for publication in Contemporary Readings in Law  and Social Justice and will appear later this year.

Geoffrey Dick, with co-authors, Jayson Treadway (Undergraduate Honors student) and Cesar Ayala (PhD student), had a paper, “Harnessing MOOCs — Can They Be Part of MBA Courses?” published at   the International Conference on Informatics Education & Research in the conference proceedings in Milan, Italy,  in December 2013, funded by a University travel grant.

“Whither the MOOC? A Home Among the Hybrids?” by Geoffrey Dick, co-authored by Zhenya Buckridge (MBA student), is due to be published in the conference proceedings at a local conference of the Southern Association of Information Systems (SAIS) in March (21-22) in Macon. SAIS is proud to be the first and, therefore, oldest chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), and the conference regularly includes participants from many colleges and universities throughout the United States and beyond. Georgia Southern has a special relationship with SAIS, as many faculty members of the Information Systems Department have served on the SAIS board. The current SAIS president is Dr. Adrian Gardiner and current program chair is Dr. Paige Rutner.

Geoff Dick has another paper, “The MOOCS Are Coming! Revolution or Fad in the Business School?,” co-authored by Jayson Treadway and Cesar Ayala, under final review for the journal, Communications of the AIS.

Charles Harter and Robert Marley, both faculty members in the School of Accountancy, recently presented their study “A Framework for Explaining Accounting Students’ Formal Communication Gap” to conference attendees at the 2014 Georgia Association of Accounting Educators in Stone Mountain.  Their study was published in the January 2014 issue of The International Research Journal of Applied Finance.


Student Organizations

The MBA Association (MBAA) hosted Mandy Edwards of ME Marketing Services on February 5 to speak to our MBA students about having a professional presence online through social media. On February 19, the MBAA hosted P. J. Schneider, Regional Coordinator, Region 12, of the Georgia Department of Labor. P. J. spoke to MBA students on how to work the career fair as an MBA student.

The award-winning student chapter of SHRM, co-advised by Dr. Bob Hoell and Dr. Feruzan Williams, hosted Leesa A. Bohler, attorney with Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, on February 11. She spoke about the legal aspects of Worker’s Compensation Laws, specifically in Georgia.


College of Business Events & Speakers: REMINDER!

Faculty/Staff of the college! Please remember to alert the Office of Marketing & Media of any and all events and speakers coming to campus and specifically to our College of Business. Please email event/speaker details (date, location, time) to

Office of Marketing & Media

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