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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor is focused on improving the entrepreneurial experience of students, connecting them to businesses, and gaining the skills to eventually launch a new business venture. Courses in this area focus both on small business management and start-up entrepreneurship. Key courses in the program include: Entrepreneurship/Small Business, Small Business Management, Applied Small Business Management, and New Venture Planning. Students nurture their entrepreneurial talents through “hands-on” learning and experiential experiences that include: interviewing business owners, conducting business concept presentations and exhibitions, and developing business plans and presenting them to a panel of real investors.

In Fall 2013, the Entrepreneurship/Small Business concentration ranked 6th out of the 29 possible declared majors in the Parker College of Business Administration. The Center is proposing to start a Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

For more or additional information please contact:

Steve Charlier, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Department of Management
Business Administration Building, Room 3355
(912) 478-5985

Required Course Descriptions:

  • MGNT 3130 Principles of Management: Provides an overview of the management function, with emphasis on managerial planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  • MGNT 3234 Entrepreneurship: A study of the business formation process focusing on the behaviors of entrepreneurs and the creation of new businesses in dynamic environments – prerequisites C or better in MGNT 3130 Principles of Management.
  • MGNT 4234 Small Business Management: Provides a complete coverage of small business operations with proper balance between business functions and the management function – prerequisites C or better in MGNT 3130 Principles of Management; (offered in Fall semester only).
  • MGNT 4236 New Venture Planning: This is a project-based course in which students, working in small groups, research and develop a business plan for a new venture. With tutorial guidance, students will select an entrepreneurial idea and develop it into a comprehensive and fully detailed, written business plan – prerequisites C or better in MGNT3234 Entrepreneurship and MKTG 3131 Principles of Marketing.

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Minor Program

Credit Hours
MGNT   3130 Principles of Management 3
MGNT   3234 Entrepreneurship 3
MGNT   4234 Small Business Management 3
MGNT   4236 New Venture Planning 3
Choose one from among: 3
ACCT   3131
Intermediate Accounting I
CISM   4135
Project Management and Development
ECON   4333
Managerial Economics
ECON   4431
Economic Development
FINC   3132
Intermediate Financial Management
MGNT   3235
Leadership in Organizations
MGNT   4235
Applied Small Business Management
MGNT   4431
Purchasing and Negotiation
MKTG   3133
Professional Selling
MKTG   3136
Introduction to E-Commerce
MKTG   4131
Marketing Research
Total Credit Hours 15

Last updated: 8/3/2020