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Boro Take-out Express

Boro Take-out Express

Sally Minton

(912) 536-2000

Incubator space – Screen Cubes Q, N, P


Bringing Statesboro area restaurants to you! Having been in business 8 years, the organization currently operates 6 successful restaurant delivery entities across South East Georgia.

The business incubator is helping launch and grow the successful to date Boro Take-out Express business.

We can help an individual open a restaurant delivery service in any area of the country (preferably the east coast because of the time issue for dispatch). The dispatch office opens at 10:00am for offices, schools, groups to place an order early and we close at 9:45pm Sunday – Thursday and 10:45pm Friday and Saturday. As we grow and if the other areas request time change we will adjust.

We are running the call/dispatch center from the incubator office. We moved to the incubator last October dispatching for two (2) locations and now dispatch for six (6),,,,,, in Greenville NC with two (2) more locations starting in November, in Savannah and in Richmond Hill and another location starting first of the year in Burlington, NC. That will give us nine (9) locations the call center will be handling. The incubator center offers the consistent internet service needed to run this operation.


Last updated: 5/6/2019