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Space Rental Information

The classroom, web conference room, and kitchenette/common area are all open to the public to rent if meeting space is needed. Rentals are scheduled upon availability.

Prices are as follows:

Whole Space Rental:

(includes common area, kitchenette, web-conference room, and classroom)

Common Area

Hourly – $60/hr            

Half Day (4 hours) – $225           

Full Day (9 hours) – $500

Classroom Rental:


Hourly – $40/hr

Half Day (4 hours) – $150 

Full Day (9 hours) – $300

Web-conference Room Rental:

Web Conference Room

Hourly – $30/hr            

Half Day (4 hours) – $100  

 Full Day (9 hours) – $200

For more rental information please contact Nancey Price at 912-478-0872 or

Click HERE to complete a rental reservation request. 


Last updated: 4/6/2021