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UGA SBDC to speak at annual painter’s conference

In the month of March, the UGA Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Georgia Southern will be speaking at an annual painter’s conference as it visits Savannah this year. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is a national trade association which will be bringing in members from throughout our nation to learn best business practices.

John Myers, SBDC business consultant, will be speaking to the PDCA members, along with his Savannah associate, Chase Cowart, about person-to-person sales. The session titled, “Buying Personas and Sales Types: Identifying the Types of Buyers and the Types of Salespersons, Making a Match and Closing the Sale” is about differences in communication and decision-making methods between buyers and sellers. Often when there is a mismatch, a seller is unable to adjust to a buyer’s needs with the result being frayed relations, inadequate delivery of necessary information, and ultimately, lost sales. There are methods to prepare for these situations so that the salesperson can make adjustments which align with the buyer and facilitate a better experience and higher closing rates.

For sales and marketing related concerns as well as for other business issues which are holding a company from reaching its potential, the UGA SBDC at Georgia Southern is a resource to explore.


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